Picture of April Fools Keyboard
If your office workplace is like mine, you have a bunch of extra computer accessories, including keyboards. And if you work for a large company, all of thosekeyboardsare most likely identical.
Working for that big corporation is going to pay off on April 1st!!!

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Step 1: What you will need

Picture of What you will need
3 keyboards of the same make and model

We will need the letters that spell APRIL FOOLS

Letter opener

A carefully chosen victim

Plan of attack

Any number of accomplices you deem necessary

Step 2: Keyboard Mod

Picture of Keyboard Mod
- Pop the required key caps off the extra keyboards

Popping the key caps off is not a step that needs explaining, right?
Note: if you do need instructions on how to pop the key caps off, stop reading now and go buy a whoopee cushion or something.

- Replace the row of letters with your borrowed key caps, spelling out our message

As you can see in this photo, the top row of letters has been altered.

The keyboard mod is the easy part.

Step 3: Know your victim

Picture of Know your victim
The trick to pulling this off is to know your victim'.

- Choose the right victim. A good person is someone who:

1. Has a sense of humor
2. Is not in the middle of a huge project that will make or break his/her career and with any small distraction, comes disaster.
3. Can be distracted for the amount of time it will take to replace their keyboard.
4. Looks at keyboard while typing.
This joke works best with people that "Peck and look at the keys while typing"

awang86 years ago
Can't you just take 1 keyboard, pop out all the letters, and put then back in randomly?
yes. But that would be easy
We once had a keyboard at school that was entirely made up of the letter Q. All of the other keyboards in the lab had a random letter where Q should have been
When I went to a tech school, one of the instructors took another instructors keyboard, popped all of the letters off, placed them back randomly, then remapped the keyboard to recognize the new placement of the keys. This is good for those that Don't need to look at the keyboard to type.
I remapped my brothers laptop so that when he presed the space bar it typed out a rude word.
oo thats an instructable: how to remap a keyboard
Here is an article on Remapping a keyboard.
that's AWESOME. I so wanna try that @ my school. Sounds like its own prank/entry.

I did that to my friend except not in random order... I put everything backwars so the Q key would be in the P spot and so an so forth.... :D it was funny at the time...

EpicGamer4 years ago
explain me plz how on earth u get the double letters on the keyboard???

unless u have another keyboard -.-'
that's the whole point. you need three keyboards to do it. read the first step and they say that.
wow lol
Treknology5 years ago
Despite my comment that you should explain keytop removal properly (back in step 3), I like this.

There are two backfires:

1. If the keyboard is completely unsculpted (look at the keyboard end-on, and the keytops should make a flat surface, not a dished one), then people like myself are probably going to take half a day to notice.--Best comparison, swap the [Esc] key with the [Z] key. On a laptop these would probably blend in without being noticed, but on a desk top keyboard, the different angles of the keytops will stick out like a sore thumb.

2. If the keyboard is sculpted (end-on is dish shaped--the [Esc] and [Z} swap is visually obvious), then when you re-arrange the keys the tops won't align and a touch-typist will pick this up without having looked at the keyboard either.

If your keyboard has passed the above tests, and also happens to be hardware macro-programmable, you can also map your new keys to give the new letters--that would really flip out a touch-typist!

I would suggest using spares for your prank, so that "normal" ones can be replaced quickly, and you can serve your penance of swapping all the keytops back during your lunch break.

It reminds of the rumor that when Georgie W. Bush jnr got elected all the staff ran around the White House removing all the [W] keys from all the computers!

Treknology5 years ago
Popping keytops should be properly explained.

On some keyboards, you can just stick a car key under one side and the top will literally "pop" across the room.

On others, you have to very carefully lift from all four sides of the keys very evenly else the actuator could snap--and keyboard plastic doesn't take kindly to super-glue.