Picture of April Fools Pen
This is a avery simple April Fools Joke. It can be played on anyone but the more intensely focused a person is the better. I used it on my manager and several others and I got everyone. Some play acting is required.

You need:
2 BIC Pens (you know the 100 pack ones you can get at the drug store)
a victim or two or three or four

Step 1: Open the pen

Picture of Open the pen
Take the cap off the pen and gently pull on the writing part of the pen it should come apart fairly easily.
At this point you have:
a pen filler
a pen cap
a hollow pen with one plug in an end of it
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master key6 years ago
this is funny i di somthing like this i just took the point out of the pen and did this also i jam the caps on so they cant get it off but whats fun is when you do both if they ask to borow a pen give them that one they will strugle to get the cap off (dont make it imposible and by this time make sure your out of ear shot) then when they get the cap off they still have nothing to write with
hacedor6 years ago
To easy!!!
Dandeman3216 years ago
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