Picture of April Fools Pen
This is a avery simple April Fools Joke. It can be played on anyone but the more intensely focused a person is the better. I used it on my manager and several others and I got everyone. Some play acting is required.

You need:
2 BIC Pens (you know the 100 pack ones you can get at the drug store)
a victim or two or three or four

Step 1: Open the pen

Picture of Open the pen
Take the cap off the pen and gently pull on the writing part of the pen it should come apart fairly easily.
At this point you have:
a pen filler
a pen cap
a hollow pen with one plug in an end of it
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It works best if another person hands the boss the pen.

ray742 years ago
Laughed like crazy reading this one. Thank you and great job :)
Plo Koon4 years ago
CobaltBlue4 years ago
I have done this for years, almost as long as they have been making the Biro. The brilliant part was to make an Instructable about it, which you did, and brilliantly!
grundisimo6 years ago
i will try this on my dad as soon as possible. THIS IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
agreed. I'm gonna buy the pack of 100, do this to every single one, and give the 50 pens to my teachers.  THAT WILL BE HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
reubyjay5 years ago
 I am so doing this on my mom next time she needs a pen, and congrats on winning
carpfluff5 years ago
This one is great! My cousin bought the 100 pack and all day we made these out of them all. Great prank =)
Fun! ;0)
woody5585 years ago
They will probably take the cap off and notice that the pen is double capped.
jjanes (author)  woody5585 years ago
You would be surprised I think I mentioned this somewhere that it works REALLY well on TYPE A personalities they are focused on the most important things as are most of us but TYPE A's especially and most people don't notice.

I did this to a manager of mine a long time ago and she actually turned it over and over 3 times she just absent-mindedly thought she had missed the fact that the pen was already open and put the cap on instead of taking it off so she did it again and again and again. I could barely keep from cracking up the whole thing lasted about 15 seconds.

Another thing these are so easy to make that you can make several and lay them around and just watch. Even when people know it is there if it is in a normally very conveniently used place they will keep doing it over as well
saxophones6 years ago
i can't get it out
It's hard! I stuck a wooden chopstick up the barrel and slammed the hell out of it until it popped out.
Oyarsa Fotmasta6 years ago
What I do to get them out is to slam the end that you write with onto something and pop the back out. Then take out the ink tube and put it in backwards. Do the same thing to the open end to pop the front out. Then but the end back in.
some bic pen batches have the end cap glued on...
MY chopstick broke ROFL.
jjanes (author)  Fotmasta6 years ago
Yeah I did run into some that were a bit tight but for the most part they came out easily...it might have been the batch I got (I think mine was a twenty or twenty five pack) The chopstick would be a great idea.
Colonel885 years ago
Lol this is more physocological than more straight to the point.
diegolay6 years ago
Do this: Buy a Red, Green, Pink, Purple or whatever color pen, then buy a pen exactly the same but of a standard color (Blue or Black) I used Red and Blue Pilot G1 0.5 pens then only change the refills and when a friend asks you for a pen or grab it, they'll have a strange surprise
I've done this before, but only because I ran out of refills that were the right color. It's funny to watch someone's expression when they borrow the pen and write with it.
Squid Tamer6 years ago
You can make a double sided pen with the remaining pieces!
jjanes (author)  Squid Tamer6 years ago
I actually did this but they never have to take the cap off the pen so it doesn't work to well as a joke unless they are capping it of course but the pen is usable if you do several red and black April Fool Pens you could actually use the double pens one side black and one red ( or blue or whatever)
jjanes (author) 6 years ago
Thanks to everyone who voted I actually one of the three first prize spots .... My office workers better look out... Thanks again I hope you all enjoy this one and good luck to you when you try it on someone yourselves
This is too basic in my opinion. No shock value. Cant believe this won. Decent ible tho.
jjanes (author)  illdoyourdrugs6 years ago
This might be basic but it really works in many different scenarios and it does make people laugh. Aprils Fools Jokes do not have to have shock value, just be tricky or surprising to the victim when others know whats really going on (ie make them look like a fool thus April Fool). Double remote controls for the same device would also work.... Clear tape over the earpiece on an office phone... Turn a desk around and replacing the items on it in the same positions they were... There are a lot. I have done all of these listed here and all have been great fun Maybe in this case the simplicity helped
3frog6 years ago
I love it! I am going to do this to my mother in law! She loves pens and this will be a great laugh at Christmas...that's the next time that I will see her! Thanks for the great joke idea!
jjanes (author) 6 years ago
Hey everyone I won a prize not sure what it is yet but THANKS FOR THE VOTES I hope you enjoyed this
jjanes (author) 6 years ago
I hope all who left comments voted in the april fools contest...if not for mine for someones...
I just did this to my mom and man did it get her it's the best April fools prank I've ever done.
saxophones6 years ago
dude this is great!!!! i made it, and did it to my mom, asking for her signature, and she got so confused!!! i love it! best april fools joke ever.
I used the same idea. I'm in a hotel, and I went up to the desk with the fake pen, and I asked for their signature, because "I was collecting signatures from everywhere I go." I had to go do something, but when he came back, he had given me another pen, I wish I had gotten to see his face... oh well
MegaMaker6 years ago
Very good prank.
phreec6 years ago
great timing...with april fool's day just 'round the corner, and living with 2 type-a personalities... i'm giggling just thinking about it... THANKS SO MUCH!!
good job lol
Lots of fun. WTG!
BTW, "Wahlah" is pronounced Vwah -lah (spelt "voila") Etymology: French, literally, see there
Thanks very much for sharing your well done instructable! :0) You have a great sense of humour!
Flippy7776 years ago
Good idea! I'm going to stuff some pixie stick stuff down the empty pen so the person opening it will have an extra surprise. To plug the lid so dust won't come out I put a little bit of a tissue and jammed it down with a pencil. Great idea!
Oh, yeah you can only do that if you don't use the second end.
benyasbabe6 years ago
I'm totally doing this to some of the attorneys in my office
C chord6 years ago
All ready did it but cool
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