April Fools! Pranking your long-distance friends.

Picture of April Fools! Pranking your long-distance friends.
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One of the simplest, and funniest, April Fools jokes is the classic fish stuck on people's backs. But how do you do this when your friends don't live in the same city or country as you do? The internet has made this task much easier by bringing us all closer together and now we can prank each other virtutally! Follow these simple steps to successfully "stick" a fish on everyone one of your friends!
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Step 1: What you'll need:

Picture of What you'll need:
 - A Facebook account
 - A picture of a fish(you can pull one off the internet, draw it in Microsoft Paint, or stretch out that old drawing hand and go traditional, then scan or photograph it - as long as you have a digital image of a fish)
- a few(or alot) of good-humored friends, also on Facebook

That's it!

(Side note: I believe that this same prank would be possible on Twitter or individual blogs - I, unfortunately, do not have an account on either platforms, so I could not test them. If anyone has success with this prank on Twitter, etc., let me know, and I will add the information to the steps.)

Step 2: Hiding the fish

Picture of Hiding the fish
You don't want the fish to be readily visible in your profile. First, pick an existing photo album, and upload the image of the fish to this photo album. The best would be a large album with several pages of photos - this way, the fish will be buried far at the end, and would require a lot of searching to find.

Step 3: Tagging your friends

Picture of Tagging your friends
Once the fish is uploaded, write a comment explaining your intentions for April Foolery. Then tag the photo with all the friends you feel would take this particular prank well. This is to accomplish 2 things: One, it will get better reactions from those with a great sense of humor, and are more frequently online, and two, you don't want to inadvertently insult anyone - so choose your tags wisely.
skyisblu (author) 5 years ago
Thank you!
Robot Lover5 years ago
this is sweet! 5*!!