Step 1: Conclusion

&nbsp;Lol this is hilarious!
is there anyway to do that using windows live for all us vista users?
nope, windows live identifies it as a virus, and won't send.
i know it freakin sucks...i have a mac...THEY SUCK!....my whole family has VISTAS....THEY SUCK!....so i have to go to my aunt and borrow her xp.......theres nothing like good ole windows xp!
Agreed. WinXP (my pet name for it) is the best they've made so far. Haven't tried the Windows 7 beta, but that's cause I'm out of hard drives.
Win7 Is Awesome!
pardon my lack of OS knowledge but win7 is after vista?
Yep. Currently in beta version, but it is after Vista.
any bugs? if there are REPORT ALL OF THEM! i wouldnt mind an OS with not as many bugs as vista....maybe a little less sucky too....
I don't currently use it: no spare hard disks. Though, from what I've heard, there's quite a few less bugs and it works pretty good. Also heard that all your Vista Gadgets will still work.
I never liked those....they seemed pretty useless....
will it really shut the computer down?
yup aslong as u follow the instrucions correctly
hi bob
<a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Remote-shut-down-a-PC/">CLICK HERE!</a>-EASIER WAY!- <br/><br/>
You have to be on the same network to do that.
the problem that I have is that it just shuts down and the messege and the timer don't work.
Ok, do you have to have windows vista for this or what? Because outlook doesn't have an option for 'start an application' thing on it, or at least mine dont. Any help?
What version of Office are you using? It might be a 2007 only thing. I don't have a Office 2003 computer in my hands right now.
very nice, would it work with thunder bird? I think i am going to try it, it is not the text in the message that shuts it down right? just the name of the file. dose it matter what program you use to write the file? thats a lot of stuff, but thanks
I'm pretty sure thunderbird lets you do that.
The way it works is you setup an alert. When it sees a certain keyword/phrase it launches the program. So it runs the shutdown process. You have to use Notepad to edit the file. Let me get back to you about Thunderbird. I need to research that.
If your coworker uses Thunderbird, then no. Sorry. There may be an extension out there, though. Thunderbird has filters, but can't run an application.

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