Picture of April Fools Toilet Prank
This April Fools joke is probably my personal favorite.
This joke is more for guys.

Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
Copy of Peepee 010.jpg
1. some clear plastic wrap
2. 1 roll duct tape
3. 1 pair scissors
4. A toilet
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KadenD11 months ago

Remove the float so that the tank overflows.

Done this once big mess.

knexboy5863 years ago
whayt if they need to do a timber?
knexboy5863 years ago
it looks obvious
Acepilot425 years ago
this is sooooooooo wrong all the pee goes on the floor (pukes) ahha
Yeah but funny :D
Dumbryth7 years ago
Here are a few toilet and bathroom pranks: 1. take a milky way bar, squish it up, and make sure there is a person in the next stall. slip it under the dividing wall and tell them if they could give that back to you. 2. stand up, when there is someone in the next stall, and take a Clementine, grunt a lot, the drop the Clementine in. finish with a satisfying sigh. 3.take a mirror ( and don't be a pervert), and use the mirror to look at the other person's eyes. Then say Peek a boo!! HILARIOUS!!! :)
#2 is hilarious!
lol i like number 2
omfg! there all hil.arious
vailo6 years ago
Put yellow food coloring (or better, pee) in the tank so when he/she flushes the toilet, it looks as if more pee comes into the bowl! :D (I found this on some fourms)
or red, its hilarious if you use red
Pigs blood? From the butchers. It would smell awful also... I think.
Wesley666 vailo4 years ago
That's similar to a double decker...pooping in the tank...
Huntman00 vailo5 years ago
does red stain the toilet????????? pleses answer this fast cause i want to do it at my dads house
MCzone4 years ago
In what world does this require a usb (Universial Series Bus)
karrro4 years ago
they pee they will see it then EPIC FAIL 
karrro4 years ago
what if they pee? they will see it and... EPIC FAIL
THE ULTIMATE TOILET PRANK: i call this one the "top bunk". best to do at an enemy's house. 1) remove lid from tank. 2) defecate inside top tank. 3) replace lid. 4) dont flush now! leave that "duty" for the next person. 5) enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that the bathroom will smell worse and worse over time, and the water will always be dirty. WARNING: THE VICTIM WILL HAVE TO REPLACE THE TOILET!
That's called a double decker. It's always fun to do this in public toilets...
mean yet funny i like it
Wesley6664 years ago
Do a double decker. Poop in the tank, surprise when the next person flushes...
napalm0087 years ago
Once i was at a triathalon and there were these brown energy bar things i rolled one up made it look real nice and went onto a porto-potty put it on the seat walked out and wached about 2 minutes later a maybe 7 year old walks in there and right after he opens the door goes running to his mom screaming EEEWW THERES POOP ON THAT SEAT!
nice one
The Jamalam5 years ago
If you use a large amount of clear washing up liquid and put it into the water at the bottom, when the person flushes foam will rise up very fast and pretty much destroy the bathroom.
Huntman005 years ago
if u put food coloring in the tank so when they flush it will turn that color..........will it stain the bowl
 it shouldn't if it's just food colouring.
ur shure??
 I'm not completely sure... but foods coloured with food colouring (such as cake icing, candy, etc.) don't stain dishes. so it shouldn't stain a toilet.
i want 2 try it
fcgadget5 years ago
Simplest toilet trick...works better at night for women....

Blow up a large white ballon, place it in the toilet and close the seat and lid.

In the middle of the night when someone sleepily sits down,
    there's SOMETHING that touches them where NOTHING should be!
siasdo5 years ago
This one works at parties.  set a camera on a tripod in front of your toilet and record about 10 to 15 minutes of the toilet.  Just the toilet and nothing else.  Then, at the next party, wait for your victim to go into the bathroom to use the facilities, put your video in and play it for the crowd.  When the victim exits the bathroom and returns, they see everyone looking at the TV.  see how long it takes for them to realize the image is of the toilet where they were just doing their business.
camiecat165 years ago
i think it doesnt matter if it has already been done before....its all a good laugh anyway so why does it matter?
cause i wass going to do it at schoor so i would get in some big trouble
unominame5 years ago
have an idea get some vasoline or lard and cover the toilet seat and handle with it so when some one sits down they slide off and get an oily bottom
matthew1786 years ago
pretty good kind of bad
Or try putting Potassium Iodide in the bowl, then a bunch of 30% Hydrogen Peroxide and a cup or so of liquid dish detergent in the tank. The Potassium Iodide catalyzes the separation of the Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) into water, oxygen, and heat... and lots of it. The detergent captures the oxygen and steam in bubbles. This means the toilet becomes a volcano of hot foam. WARNING: the foam is very hot, and goes everywhere. It's not like they cant run from it, but it could scald, and will take quite a while to clean up.
LOLOLOLOLOLOL random, but swweeeeeet
me likey >:D great idea man. btw, could i come over to yours later lol? jk ><
scotchbrand7 years ago
best thing to do is heat up some clear jello and put into the bowl... about 2 ish cups of it... once done put a layer of water to give it the real look then if they pee or poop and try to flush they can't... so they have to get it out with there hands
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