April Fools: Write on the Wall.





Introduction: April Fools: Write on the Wall.

Great Prank! "write on the wall"! Now doesn't that look like you wrote on someone's wall? You can even do this on someones id tag at work when they leave it hanging around, I'd use a sharpie though.
This is a pocket sized prank, so you can do it whenever you want!
What you need:

Dry Erase marker
Tape, i used the glossy kind.

Step 1: Put the Tape on the Wall.

Put the tape on the wall, and rub it down. Then, write a message, such as, "APRIL FOOLS!!!" or "Hi". Write whatever you want, Try to put it in a place where lots of people will see it.

You're done! Thanks for viewing.



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Questions & Answers


still fun except when I was five i didn't bother with the tape
I didn't do it!

yes i did

and it was fun too MWAHAHAHAHAHAHHA


Use invisible tape, Write what you want, Stick tightly so they don't see the tape, and see their reactions.

i thought of this last year to write in my desk. (guess it's not that hard to come up with)

Make a whiteboard that is stuck to your desk :)

If you wanna make it unwashable but still removable, write on a piece of tape, then cover it with another piece!