Introduction: April Fools

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This is a easy prank that requires
1. A bottle of diet coke
2. String
3. A mentos
4. A friend that likes diet coke

Step 1: Getting Started

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Tie string to mentos

Step 2: Hardest Step

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Get the end of the string hidden in the cap.

Step 3: Give Bottle to Friend

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Give it to the one you prank and when they open the bottle pop will shoot up.


Ranie-K (author)2012-06-12

You need diet coke...

gharrison-1 (author)Ranie-K2012-06-12

You are totally right, thanks for correcting me. I'm gonna see if I can change that.

bigflash1 (author)2012-04-05

Won't this try to explode once the mentos gets wet? Way before the cap gets opened? Don't know if it would explode, but.....?

gharrison-1 (author)bigflash12012-04-06

well you gotta make the string short enuff so it doesnt go in

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