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Introduction: April Fools Lotion Trick

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The Lotion Trick

Every one uses lotion at least once in their lifetime. This trick is aimed toward a Teen, or College guy. This trick involves two items lotion, and ICY HOT. I think you can tell why this is for a guy. Lets just say male teens, and college students don't always use lotion for dry skin.

WARNING: All though this hurts like mad, it will not cause any permanent damage to their private areas. Use this trick at your own risk the person you are tricking may get upset resulting in a black eye!!

Step 1: What You Need.

1) Lotion (Needs a pump)

Step 2: The Setup.

1)Borrow a friends lotion secretly.

2)Take their lotion bottle and unscrew the cap.

3)Take a tube of ICY HOT and unscrew the cap.

4)Take the pump of the lotion and squirt all of the lotion out of it.

5)In-cert the bottom of the lotion pump into the top of the ICY HOT.

6)Using the lotion pump. Pump the ICY HOT until it comes out of the top.

7)Put the lotion bottle back and listen to them scream.

HA HA April fools



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    You need a "black eye" for the level of cruel and mean. Epic bully move. Respectfully.

    That is just evil...

    ok, by far, the best use of icy hott i have ever seen! lol you should try to use something like the oils out of pepers or something for even more burning

    where can i find ICY HOT?And what is it?

    its a topical muscle relaxer, you should be amle to find it around the pain releiver section at any store

    Evil stuff, but what can I say, some like it hot...

    ooh you terrible punner person you... XD

    WoW we did this a couple of years ago to my friend sorta except we got him to put it on his crowned jewels in the lockerroom i swear he almost died then we got to class and he walked like he had a crab hangin on for dearlife and we told the whole class and he was excused to try to wash it off. lol best school prank ever!!!!!!!!!!