Introduction: April Fools Prank: a Shoey Surprise

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 here's a prank with 2 different versions that makes a person have to take more time in the morning changing their socks or buying a new pair and finding a different pair of shoes or buying some new ones online and waiting for them to arrive.

Step 1: Materials

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 the materials for making persons day go south:


mayo, or any gooey food like pudding or something.


and a spoon

for glueing someones sock to their shoe all you need is some slow drying woodglue

Step 2: Scoop It In

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 once you have the shoes your probably only gonna need to put the goop in one shoe once the victim puts his/her foot into the shoe that person probably won't put his/her other foot into the other shoe. so scoop maybe 2-3 spoonfuls into the toe of the shoe, but not to much that you can see it when the shoe is visible when looking down into the hole. then simply place the shoes back where the were and enjoy!

Step 3: A Shoey Situation

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 this is the version in which you glue someone's  socks into their shoe! >:D all you really need to do is apply some wood glue into areas of the shoe that touches the sock, yet are less visible, ie the roof the the shoe.

Step 4: WARNING!!

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anywho, i hope this has inspired you to use this prank in your armada when the time comes (april 1st DUH)



pcanywii (author)2014-04-14

You could mess up someone's shoes and then they wouldn't be able to wear them! Bad idea.?

poprocks7453 (author)2010-08-28

nice shoe XD

lol, I didn't have any old shoes that I could ruin with mayo 'n glue so i took some really really old rudder boots and cut them at the ankles.

>:l you just ruined it

pcanywii (author)poprocks74532014-04-14


lol, yea I did kinda teehee

nisoe (author)2011-08-07

\ / \ / \ / \ / \ /

nisoe (author)2011-08-07

what if he/she dont wear socks that day...............................
that socks!!!!!!!! \:-)

llamma1010 (author)2010-04-13

ok I would give your instructable a 5/5 if not for your name -5/5...sorry

poprocks7453 (author)llamma10102010-09-02

XD that just cold man givin you a high five

Apple_4_life (author)llamma10102010-04-13

 seriously? you're so prejudiced dude

Mirime (author)2010-06-15

EW!! Yet, at the same time intersting.

KottonKandy (author)2010-05-11

Haha! Good idea! Also if you know someone who (for some odd reason) wears white socks a lot, put a little mustard in there, and they will have yellow feet! LOL good job!


Apple_4_life (author)KottonKandy2010-05-12


lemonie (author)2010-03-30

I knew someone who's dog played a similar trick on him. Quite clever for a little dog...


LoneWolf (author)lemonie2010-03-31


Apple_4_life (author)lemonie2010-03-30

 can you please rate my instructable?

lemonie (author)Apple_4_life2010-03-30

You guessed right, and I laughed like you did. Sorry I forgot to rate it before. Try re-taking the photos in better light (for the competition)


Apple_4_life (author)lemonie2010-03-30

 well i have 2 other entries so I have a good chance at the grand prize (I think) also i have a new instructable up (yep another prank) just go to my page since I don't think its up and running through the site

Apple_4_life (author)lemonie2010-03-30

 let me guess he took a dump in his shoe? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! :D wow thats one smart dog!

Apple_4_life (author)2010-03-30

 nobody likes me :(

LoneWolf (author)Apple_4_life2010-03-30

Don't assume nobody likes you just because nobody's commented on it yet. I have an instructable that's been posted for a litte over two weeks and it hasn't even been rated yet. It takes a while for people to start noticing new instructables.

Anyway, Nice instructable!!!  :D

Apple_4_life (author)LoneWolf2010-03-30

 WOO!! thanks for rating my instructable!!!! do you think my prank is to unoriginal? (please tell the truth i wont mind)

LoneWolf (author)Apple_4_life2010-03-30

Your welcome :)

Nope. No matter how un-original it is it's still hilarious. And I beleive there's an April Fool contest you can enter it in also.

BTW- it's a good thing you can take the truth, most new members are always walking around saying stuff like "I just became a member. so be nice"

Apple_4_life (author)LoneWolf2010-03-30

 can i run an idea by you?

LoneWolf (author)Apple_4_life2010-03-30

Sure, anytime.

Apple_4_life (author)LoneWolf2010-03-30

 so a new idea for a prank is to lean a ladder up against the door (not the actual door but that part right above it) and stacking plastic cups filled with water on the steps... do you think this is a good idea for a prank?

LoneWolf (author)Apple_4_life2010-03-30

Oh yeah, that's definitly a good idea!!! I'd love to see it!!!

BTW- just so you know, I gotta leave soon so don't be offended if I vanish.

Apple_4_life (author)LoneWolf2010-03-30

 ok well I dont have to go anymore so....

LoneWolf (author)Apple_4_life2010-03-30

Awesome. I have to go soon though, but I'll still be on a couple more minutes.

 sorry i gtg, but please still post your opinion on my idea (ill look at it once i get back) bye

Apple_4_life (author)LoneWolf2010-03-30

AND for subscribing!!!!! (your my first :D)

LoneWolf (author)Apple_4_life2010-03-30

Oh, and thanks for suscribing back!!!!!  =]

LoneWolf (author)Apple_4_life2010-03-30

Your Welcome. 

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