Introduction: April Fools Prank: Broken Mouse

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 Here's a simple prank you can play on your sibling/parent/guardian, room-mate, or buddy using items easily found around the house! The way this prank works is simply by disabling the laser on an mouse which is what controls the cursor on the monitor of your computer. have fun!

Also this is my first instructable so please don't be to critical (but I still accept it) 

Step 1: Materials

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 materials that your gonna need:

clear tape (i used scotch)


1 playing card

a mouse (duh)

And a victim  >:D MUAHAHA

Step 2: Step One

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 So, now that we got our materials we begin by cutting the card to fit over the hole in which the laser comes out, but not so big that it sticks out from under the mouse. once you measure how big the piece should be and have cut it out take a piece about 2 inches long of tape and tape it on. and you are done.

Step 3: All That Work Will Now Pay Off

 Now that your done place the mouse back and wait for someone to go onto the computer and get pissed when the mouse doesn't work and when they start to yell you come in laughing and yell APRIL FOOLS!!!!!! and then run or get punched :P ENJOY!!!


LoneWolf (author)2010-03-30

Haha, that's one of the simplest, funniest, pranks yet :)  

Apple_4_life (author)LoneWolf2010-03-30

 thanks :D your my bestest friend ever! (on instructables)

LoneWolf (author)Apple_4_life2010-03-30

Cool, thanks :)

Apple_4_life (author)LoneWolf2010-03-30

 spread the word to all your subscribers (please.. :D)

LoneWolf (author)Apple_4_life2010-03-30

Spread the word that I'm your best friend? Or that this is a good instructable?

Apple_4_life (author)LoneWolf2010-03-30

 the second one lol

LoneWolf (author)Apple_4_life2010-03-30

Sure, I'll PM them the link as soon as I got some time to spare.

Apple_4_life (author)LoneWolf2010-03-30

 sweet, thanks

3100785 (author)Apple_4_life2014-10-26

don't know what i did but you're welcome!

LoneWolf (author)Apple_4_life2010-03-31

Your welcome.

Apple_4_life (author)2010-08-14


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