This is a simple but fun prank that anybody can do.  When your friend is in the shower and are bluffed by why their shampoo isnt working you'll be laughing the whole time. All you need is your friends shampoo bottle and plastic wrap.
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Step 1: Get the items

Picture of get the items
What you need:
1. Your friends shampoo
2. Plastic wrap
3. (optional) sharpie, scissors
thats it!

Step 2: Put it together

Picture of put it together
1 . First you want to take the cap off the shampoo bottle
2 . Then get a piece of plastic wrap about the size of the cap
3 . After that you put the plastic wrap tightly on the hole where the shampoo comes out
4. Finally put the cap back on and test it by squeezing it, make sure the shampoo doesn't come out
NOTE: Make sure you cant see any plastic wrap from under the cap if you do cut it off with scissors or a knife.

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Step 3: Final notes

Use your imagination you can do other things like taking an empty shampoo bottle of theres and filling it with water or colored water to freak them out.
grundisimo3 years ago
Dye Ketchup and replace the shampoo with it?