Step 4:

Take a ribbon of size bigger than the kid's waist and after reversing the bag, tape the ribbon to it.
We can use short bits of ribbon taped to the ends only or a long piece taped all over the breadth to make it more sturdy.
<p>so easy!!! Even I can make this... ironing a few sheets together for durability like the other commenter mentioned, doesn't even add change the rest of the steps! love it. thanks</p>
Pleased to know that you liked it!
I love this idea! My kids are the crafty type. This is gonna save me lots of MONEY and stress! Thanks for sharing! 5 STARS!
Thanks a lot! Your encouragement inspires me to create more!
Yup, very good. Clever! You could even make it more durable by fusing multiple plastic bags together!
That is a really cute bag to use for the apron. I love that when it gets too dirty, you can just throw it away without worry!

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