Picture of Aquaglove
On a sunny summers days, what can be more fun that inflating things with water. This instructable shows how to create a massive water filled aquaglove. We then introduce a Dachshund and watch the Aquaglove burst.

There's a longer video in step5, and also more freeze frame images showing the aquaglove shaped tube of water collapse.
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Step 1: What you need

Picture of What you need
To inflate your own Aquaglove you will require;

  • Rubber gloves
  • Hose pipe and water
  • Plenty of outdoors space, well away from doors/anything electrical/sunbathers
  • Strong reinforced tape. Duct tape is ideal
  • Dachshund (optional)

Step 2: Construction

Picture of Construction
It only takes a few minutes to set up an Aquaglove. A well attached glove is the secret to a large Aquaglove.
  • The glove needs to be attached to the hose securely. When inflated to four feet long it will be heavy and under pretty high pressure. Use plenty of tape.
  • Between 1" and 2" of glove needs to be wrapped around the hose end. Do not wrap too tightly. Place the hose in the middle of the glove opening and carefully wrap the two sides of rubber around it. Wrapping both sides of the glove opening in the same direction maintains the shape of the glove.
  • Tape tightly around the twisted glove first, ensure the tape is smooth and then extend the tape down the hose about 2" to create a seal.
  • Check the glove is not snagged on any loose tape and place on a large piece of lawn.

Step 3: Inflation

Picture of Inflation
Turn on the tap and let it fill up

  • Start off slowly, you may need to pick up the glove and untwist it once water fills it out
  • Once underway the tap can be turned to full flow

You can see how successful the seal is. It should allow the glove to inflate evenly, while holding in all the water.

Step 4: How brave do you feel? Play with the Aquaglove!

Picture of How brave do you feel? Play with the Aquaglove!
Keep on adding water. It will get bigger and bigger.
Eventually it will burst.

Aquaglove games
  • Taunt the glove - as the Aquaglove reaches maximum capacity take turns to approach and taunt the glove. Slap it, sit on the ground next to it or mount it. Dare the glove to burst
  • Attack the glove - The glove is tough, and stronger than you would imagine. Balls and sticks will bounce off, but a well thrown spear will kill it. KILL IT HARD!
  • Aquaglove Baiting - See step5 for an example. We were lucky enough to have an excited Dachshund to hand. Wait until the glove it at maximum inflation, then release your slavering hunting beast. The glove will twitch and move in response to their aggression, this increases the attacks frenzy.

Step 5: The Optional Dachshund step

Aquagloves can get very large. They shimmy and wobble as the water moves about. This seems to entertain our Dachshund Zak as much as it does us. First he was confused by it, then he attacked it.

Watch him go!

The glove is under massive pressure and stretched to it's limit. All the elastic energy is released when Zak bites it, the rubber retracts around the mass of water too fast to see.
The result is a perfect Aquaglove shaped blob of water in mid air, amazingly captured at just 15 fps.
See the intro step for a slowed down video of the burst, and below for individual freeze frames.

An alternative glove option - Purple Nitrile Laboratory glove
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danmellow11 months ago

how do you time that shot so perfect

DaydreamDave12 months ago

I always laugh when I see that first shot after the bite.

Like something from the mind of Gary Larson.

water fun wish i had and Aqua glove:):(

-CCCP-1 year ago

Pump it up with a bike pump if you want to save water. Or, just use reclaimed water or sewer water (yuck)

m4lwin41 year ago

wow, so nice!

patatarium1 year ago
I try this is really cool !
tz1_1zt (author) 2 years ago
No, that could not happen with plumbing designed for mains pressure water. If the rubber glove exerted an elastic force greater than the water pressure then it would never inflate.The rubber continues to stretch whenever the tap is turned on, so exerts less force than than the water pressure.
Is there any chance that the pressure created from this could back the water up through the hose and mess up the water pipes for the house?
Na-na-na-na-na-na-na-nana! I can't hear all the naysayers with my ears covered! This is very cool water fun! Nothing wrong with watering the lawn once in awhile and I promise I won't flush the toilet as often to make up for the water consumption!
vincent75204 years ago
You could use a condom instead of a glove.

I guess it would be the same amount of wasted water, but what could you expect from a comment from France ?…

Just because I'm in France does not mean that I'm French ;-)
true ! … but some can expect you get some elementary notions … 

:D :D
Super_Nerd4 years ago
Does this work with a corgi?
Should I have a swedish vallhund ( very similar to corgi's ) and he enjoys to play with the aquaglove ( although he doesnt bite he jumps on it )
angelabchua4 years ago
You had me at wiener dog.
mcaliber.504 years ago
hmmm... archery practice anyone???
good idea!

or what about slingshot?
Plo Koon4 years ago
make sure the gloves u use have latex or it wont stretch.
tz1_1zt (author)  Plo Koon4 years ago
Are kitchen marigold kitchen gloves made of latex or vulcanised rubber, they certainly stretch well?
Latex gloves would work well but we've not used one.
Non-latex lab glove actually work OK, but not as well as rubber. See the link on Step5 for a Purple Nitrile Laboratory glove
mmartin74 years ago
You should try adding a little bottle of dye to the glove and make colored water :D
For instant Dachshund bath, mix with soap and water.
> Like :)
tudgeanator4 years ago
Your dog is ridiculously cute.
I like the pictures,they are cool
stevenh4294 years ago
evgon5 years ago
This is one of my favorite things to do in the summer. LOL Me and a few of my friends came up with a game if u wanna try. Once its FULLY inflated, each person finds a hand full of rocks and hands it to another player(as to keep someone from picking all small rocks), then each person takes turns throwing rocks at it till it pops. The person who pops it loses. Good fun :D
Techdojo7 years ago
What about a BB gun (or Air Pistol), wait for someone to get close enough to have a look and them BLAMM! (or should that be SPLAT!) 8-) Can you keep the glove filled for a long time if you turn the tap off once fully inflated ?
tz1_1zt (author)  Techdojo7 years ago
We've been tempted to leave an aquaglove inflated, but they always end up being burst. I suppose if it was made using a sealing hosepipe connector, the hose could be disconnected leaving just the glove. Inflating an aquaglove indoors would be a very nasty practical joke to play. I've no idea how to move 100 kg of quivering water without flooding a room. I don't advise anybody try that :)
that would be fun. or you could just heave it at someone too!!
off the top of the empire state building!!!
Am I the only one who was brave enough to just go up and punch it as hard as I could? you get this cool ripple effect before the thing pops
tz1_1zt (author)  TheMadScientist7 years ago
:) When you don't have a Dachshund, fisty-cuffs is a perfectly way to tackle the glove. Taunt the glove is one of the three Aquaglove Games listed in step4.
The ripples you describe would look great on a slow motion video!
raja681 tz1_1zt5 years ago
another fun game to play is throw blunt/sharp objects at the aquaglove
cahethel5 years ago
Now that was a refreshing scare
lovepirate95 years ago
awww, the idea is great, the dog is GREATEST! I think you should have him in a theme for all of your videos :) he can be like, idea dachshund lol
pingkam5 years ago
Funny dog
kisla6 years ago
Hahah, Reminds me of what I used to do as a kid. We'd buy the punching balloon toys and fill them on the trampoline, then bounce around with them. Definitely not good for little kids, see as we were teens and getting knocked over. xD But it was a blast.
vandal11386 years ago
5 bucks says you can't put that dog IN the glove.....
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