Picture of Aquaponics
Aquaponics is a combination of aquaculture and hydroponics-- cultivating both plants and fish by taking advantage of their natural cycles. In aquaponics,fish produce waste and the fishy waste-water from the tank is pumped to the grow beds where plants are grown hydroponically (without soil). The plants absorb the nutrients they need from the fishy waste-water while their roots filter the water --stripping it from ammonia, nitrates, nitrites and phosphorus, which is deadly for the fish.Then, the clean water is pumped back into the fish tank, and the fish dirty it up again with their waste. This cycle continues indefinitely. 

Aquaponics is environmentally friendly. There are no chemical or fertilizers needed because it is based on natural cycles that convert the fish waste into fertilizer for the plants. Also, aquaponics uses about 10% of the amount of water used in conventional farming, as water is recycled in the aquaponics system through a pump, instead of being continuously sprayed over a field. Furthermore, as aquaponics is a form of back-yard gardening, it decreases the need for imported fish and produce, which decreases the amount of gas used in transporting them. But most rewarding of all is being able to eat and enjoy your very own sustainable produce and fish.
jrambaldi9 months ago

For the winter I construct with pvc translucid roof a small green garden, with a automated temperature control using arduino.

mpmuebles10 months ago

Very good explaind the cicle.

Love the recycled materials!
You might want to credit that graphic.
Even with a credit, I don't think it's in the public domain.
Put the whole aquaponics system in a green house?
I say embrace your inner redneck :-) you could simply build a box around the system to make it look pretty and maybe even add insulation so you can warm the water over the winter. I would like to make one of these but will have to relocate the fish in the fall because our winters get very cold in New England.