Aquarium Pyramid Model





Introduction: Aquarium Pyramid Model

This is my aquarium pyramid model made it by me and my father and  you must forgive me because I could not do step by step. 
Water tank : 100 litres
Height of the glass tank : 60 cm
Base of the glass tank : 80 cm x 80 cm
The entire piece has 1,30 m from the base to the top of pyramid

Table has the height 60 cm ,the board 86 cm x 86 cm ,and i use it some  pieces of natural wood with the dimension : height 55 cm and the  thickness has 10 cm x 10 cm. Inside the wooden leg I put wheels to move it easy.

Enjoy the video from the you tube.



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    Nice work! How did you put the crystals together to not sepparate with water pressure?

    Woow, this is fantastic!

    Good work!!!!!

    it is lovely

    Thank's. I like the unique stuff and I like to create but also i need time....

    You should be really proud of this!!!! As a hobbyist, I've been looking for a "unique" kind of tank to put my fish in. If I were to make a tank, this would be one of the tanks that I would make.

    Thanks guys. The size of water tank is on the base 80 cm x 80 cm,the hight is 60cm and i put 80 litres water but he can hold 100 litres so i think the fish has enought space.I will come back with more photos with the fishis inside.

    That's a very nice piece of work indeed. The only concern I do have is that the quantity of fish that a tank can hold depends on the surface area at the top, which you've reduced by making it pyramidal. As long as you've taken that into account I hope that your fish are happy in their new home, I'd certainly be proud of having made that.

    You have got enough photos to do a step-by-step. Give it a try, I know lots of people would be interested!