Picture of Arabic Coffee
Arabic coffee is a very small but stong portion of coffee. It consists of extremely fine grounded coffee beans and some times with added cardamom.

Step 1: Needed Stuff, To Get This Going

Picture of Needed Stuff, To Get This Going
You need a Teaspone. Cup. Coffee. Note. I use "Al ameed" its with cardamon and i use the Medium strength. Its the best out there in my opinion. You need a "Dalla" to warm up the coffee. Note. My Dalla, the red one there. It's made of aluminium, and i can't realy recoment that. Get a Dalla made if iron. Its mostly becous of the shape they made the tip in. It pours very badly and you will definitly spill. Pleace Note to Bone that water is essantial its not optional were as shuggar is.
sensey6662 years ago
Some other Countries drink Coffee like that but everyone says Turksh Caffee. it originatet from Turkiye. "Türk Kahvesi" google it.
ladyzimcool2 years ago
Jayid jidan instructable!!
tsa'ad (author) 2 years ago
Shugar okay.
Bongmaster2 years ago
sugar not shuggar ;)
tsa'ad (author) 2 years ago
Thank you blkhawk, i got caried away there. I will make it children freindly
tsa'ad (author) 2 years ago
Now sensey dont you worry you little head with that, i did tag it as turkish even thoug it originatet from yemen. :)
sensey6662 years ago
This is not Arabic Coffee. This is just normal Turkish Coffee.
I think that the variety of the ground is called Arabica and the method of preparation is called Turkish coffee , although Turkey is not the only country were coffee is prepared in this way. Excellent coffee by the way! Thanks Tsa'ad! My only comment to Tsa'ad is to rewrite the Instructable and make it more family or children friendly.