Translation sheet of Arabic to English terms for use in a pizzeria. Includes food, toppings, numbers, streets and other useful terms. Made for an Arabic-speaking worker at a pizzeria in the Financial District in Manhattan. Attached as PDF.

<p>Better... you have &quot;Ham&quot; directly translated to &quot;elHam&quot; which is &quot;meat&quot; in arabic. In MY humble opinion- the street names are proper names and the words for the street names should NOT be translated into their arabic counterparts, i.e.: &quot;Maiden Lane&quot;=</p><p>البكر لين</p><p>Perhaps it should be merely phonetically laid out in arabic script instead of trying to translate &quot;Maiden&quot; and &quot;Liberty&quot; simply phonetically change from English characters to arabic script yet still keeping the proper name intact. Understand? This would avoid a lot of confusion! Sounds like you've made a lot of work for yourself that could have been a lot simpler indeed. Anyway hope you learn Arabic anyway as it is a very easy language to learn. لم</p>
<p>Uh.. you do realize arabic is written from Right to Left? Your arabic is backward. If it was meant for an arabic speaker- perhaps you could have written it totally in arabic script but english phonetics instead. Anyway- remake it but print the arabic script correctly and not backward. </p>
<p>Yes, I realize it. Will upload an updated version.</p>
<p>Ok, it has been updated. Showed it to a native speaker of Arabic and they were ok with it. Any mistakes, feel free to let me know.</p>

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