Step 9: At the Installation Site

Dig a hole with level sides in a sunny location clear of overhanging trees approximately 36" x
48" x 36" - 42” deep where a sapling tree is to be planted later.

Make sure the sides of the pit are level to provide good support for the slab.

Center the slab over the hole. Make certain that the hole is completely covered.

Back fill soil around the outside edge of the slab and tamp it down well to insure that the pit is
completely sealed.

place the enclosure on the slab, insert the vent pipe through the left wall opening and into the 3" hole in the slab, then fasten the enclosure to the slab with the 4 anchor bolts and metal brackets.

Place the pedestal over the larger slab hole and seal with a 1:10 mortar' Install the toilet seat and close the lid.

Insert the 24” downspout in the 3" Tee of the gutter and then attach the bucket with lid to the
hangers and fill the bucket with water.

Provide some corn cobs and soil-ash-leaf mix (3 soil to 1 ash and some leaves) for the family and instruct them on the use of
the toilet as follows (instructions should be translated to Kreyol):


Keep toilet lid closed between uses
Corn cobs are for wiping after doing twalet , then throw it in the pit hole.
Put a cup of soil-ash-leaf mix in toilet hole after doing twalet but NOT after pee-pee
Always wash your hands after use with water from the fawcet.
Refill corn cobs and soil mix (3 soil to 1 ash and some leaves) as needed.

When the pit is full, dig a new pit 3’ x 4’ x 3’-3” deep, unbolt the enclosure from the slab,
remove the pedestal, then move the slab over the new hole and reassemble.

Cover the old hole with about 6” of soil and plant a tree sapling. Putting leaf mulch around the base of
the sapling will help to keep the soil moist. Water frequently until the tree begins to root well.

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