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Introduction: Arc Reactor

After seeing Iron Man in the theater I knew I had to recreate Tony Starks Arc Reactor. Specifically I wanted the RT1 that Pepper Potts had displayed in the glass case for Tony. The "Proof That Tony Stark Has A Heart" Arc Reactor. Below is a comparison of the Arc seen in the movie and the one I built.

Step 1: Blueprinting

The first step was to draw up blueprints of the proposed Arc. The blueprints would need to show every piece that would be used to create the Arc. I spent weeks going over screen caps from the movie, using various angles to determine the dimensions of each part. I also used several images of the actual Arc that had been displayed at Comic-Con. All my blueprints were created in Illustrator.

Step 2: Parts, Parts, Parts.

After I had the blueprints completed I began creating the individual parts that would make up the Arc. For this project, I primarily be laser-engraved and cut most of the parts out of varying thickness of plexiglass. In addition, I cast the central ring in clear urethane with a "Coke-bottle" green tint added. The base was cut on a CNC out of MDF.

Step 3: Rear Cage

One of the hardest parts to recreate was the cage for the Arc. The only reference I had at the time were reflections of the back seen on the display case. The cage ended up being built from 29 laser-cut plexi-glass pieces. The cage was also very important, because it would hold all of the LED lighting.

Step 4: Assembly

At this point, all the major sub-assemblies were complete and I began fitting them together. The first real indication of what the finished Arc would look like.

Step 5: LED Light Source

Next up was the creation of a light system for the Arc. I chose an LED under-counter light that would fit the cage. I separated the LED lights from the power supply. The LED's would go in the cage, while the power supply would go in the display base.

Step 6: LED Testing

Testing the LED's for the Arc to make sure they have the right look.

Step 7: Final Assembly

All that was left to do was final paint and assembly. I used various metallic paints and weathering techniques to give the Arc the proper "used" look.

Step 8: Finished!!!

The last thing I had to do was create the display case. I used laser-cut .2" acrylic and then rounded the edges. Although it took quite an effort, I think the results were very worthwhile.

Thanks for Looking.


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