Step 8: Finished!!!

The last thing I had to do was create the display case. I used laser-cut .2" acrylic and then rounded the edges. Although it took quite an effort, I think the results were very worthwhile.

Thanks for Looking.

Could u attach blue print link
<p>Do you have Blueprints that you would be willing to share?</p>
could you put the blueprint's up on to the instructable please. thanks
<p>great job!</p>
Hi that's really cool, I've been a fan of Iron man and would love to build my own arc reactor, would it be possible for you to send the files to me via email? My email is andytangtsk@gmail.com, thanks!
<p>Very nicely done! At first I wasn't sure which was which. :)</p>
Hello <br>Really awesome work <br>Is it possible you can send me blueprint drawings with all measurements please. <br>I plan on drawing them up and laser cutting these parts and make one of my own. <br>Hopefully :) <br> <br>please send and really great work <br>This one especially gave me motivation to make one. <br> <br>Please send to risico96@gmail.com <br>Thanks <br>
Where did u get part? Can u email me thort10@hotmail.com
How did u get the materials? U brought them or made them? If u brought them,where to buy?
This is awesome! Can you leave a list of materials that you need to make it.
The best arc reactor replica ever!!
please give a list of materials
Can I order the materialsfor the cage? I lack materials and support here. please reply :(
*materials for
Do you have a list of materials???
can i buy the parts from you as a kit and i assemble it myself?
So cool!!!<br> Please post a file with all the pieces....Please :-D
Awesome job! How thick is it?<br>
Excellent job, one the best instructables I have ever seen. I would ask the same question, that has been asked above have you considered selling these as a completed item or a build it yourself your kit? And not just the finished display model, but a removable one that could be used for costume usage?<br>
Fantastic replica!
You should sell pre-painted kits or fully assembled ones. I think it would be easier to recreate these because the prototype is always the hardest to make. I would make it myself but no way to make the pieces.
Awesome! Just like in the movie! I love the outcome!

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