Picture of Arc Reactor
Here is my First attempt at making an iron man arc Reactor.

Step 1: Making some rough sketches

Picture of making some rough sketches
Here i make some rough drawings to figure out how i want things to look. I found a few reference pics from the web to help me.

Volts of the battery?

Grafx4Life5 months ago
Nice work, though I would have no idea where to find parts like that. :)
Rth-Ritish1 year ago

bro can you pls write step by step instructions in this comment box as i didnt got it properly pls try images also

Erik_Nite1 year ago
cool arc reactor
wrywry1 year ago
That is sick!!!
arpoky1 year ago
It appears you forgot the palladium fuel cell.
first u make the reactor and then u want to plant it in your chest : )
rajath2 years ago
That's an AWESOME work there dude. Trust me you can sell it to the production house. Keep it up!
florin29012 years ago
Awesome...... I love it...
FoamboardRC2 years ago
SKATERPRO2 years ago
That looks awesome!!!!!
That's a really beautiful one!
Duck210 (author)  jessyratfink2 years ago