Picture of Arc Reactor
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Step 1: Beginning

Picture of Beginning
Used parts from VCR/DVD PLAYER

Step 2: Putting Together

Picture of Putting Together
13, 2:45 AM.jpg
Used parts from VCR side.

Used magnet and spindle for top, super glued a gold colored washer to center. Mounted flexible LED strip inside bottom section.
Drilled 8 holes in top.

Step 3: Finishing

Picture of Finishing
13, 2:51 AM.jpg
13, 2:51 AM.jpg
Used electric tape to hold together two pieces. Fed led wiring from bottom opening already provided. Will connect to on/off switch instead of button push down.

Step 4: Harness

Picture of Harness
13, 1:49 AM.jpg
Creating the harness with canvas, electrical tape and plastic quick release buckles..