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Introduction: Arcade Supreme Mid-Size - MAME

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This MAME machine project might be a bit ambitious, as I have realized after the fact. It is a mid-size MAME machine with an old-school 24" hunch-back tube TV... I had a vision, for my two little guys, a stand-up machine just for their height; but little did I factor in the resolution of the TV during extended game play, nor the weight of the beast during assembly, as well as the weight of the entire machine after assembly (when moving from one side of the house to the other) and the multitude of other anomalies along the way to completion...

Step 1: Grab Your Beat-up Hunch-back TV

Disassemble and prep your hunch-back to get an idea of the dimensions after it's stripped out of it's original casing...

Step 2: Study Your Blue-print and Make Necessary Measurements

Pull out your blue-print and start measuring onto your panels; you'll have to do this for the size/dimensions of your TV because I designed the cabinet based on the size of my TV...

Step 3: Cut, Drill, Assemble and Configure

As the title states; cut your wood panels, I used 3/4" panels due to the hunch-back weight and size, drill the control panel, cut the marque with applied graphics (I had to bribe my co-worker to print me the graphics), wire the joysticks and buttons (eBay), as well as the two (2) coin slots, custom-wire your computer's power button and LED strips to the top of the cabinet, paint and assemble...

Step 4: Prototype Testing and Endless Entertainment

Drop your computer with all your MAME games loaded, configure your joysticks and buttons - and the rest is all fun and game. Due to the limited time and unexpected sign-up with Instructables - the instructions and schematics of this project are unclear... anyhow, this is an idea for your inspiration to bring your nostalgic dreams into reality...



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    why does no one show how the buttons are connected?

    Go check out the different models:

    Thanks again! Will look around...

    Well, if you ever need help, I'm always on here. As well, the community is awesome with answering questions.

    5 replies

    oh that's good to hear - ok, so i need to know exactly what and where to order, the tools to create the grooves for the T-Molding - could someone PLEASE hook/link me up; i'd greatly appreciate the help! :D

    you are the MAN!!! i'm putting those in my art now... thanks a million!! and i gotta order me some t-molding as well - please let me know if you have any source to recommend for those too - thanks again AMIGO!!!

    I don't remember where I got mine. Just Google "t-molding" and I'm sure that a lot of places pop up.

    i meant to say "cart" -not "art" - Instructables, please add this option for us to edit our comments...

    I love it! I have made a bartop a few years back because I didn't quite have the budget for a full upright (I still need to finish a few things on it). But my upright is still something that will happen in the future! Where/how did you get your marquee made? Great build!

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    Nice bartop man!!! is that pre-finished yellow panels and is that T-Molding you're using for the edging, if so, do you have the tool to create the groove for it?!

    the marquee was made at my work place; i work for a sign company - so i did the design/layout using Corel Draw and bribed the production artist here at work to print me the graphics; the clear acrylic is also from the shop - they're scrap PLEX - thus, i just asked the manager if i could salvage it for my marquee... :P

    Thanks! The panels are just 3/4" MDF painted yellow. And yeah, it's 3/4" T-Molding to match. The only tool that you need to make the grove is just a router bit. Just set the cutter at the depth to cut right down the middle and you're all set.

    And that's super awesome about your connections with your job!

    2015-01-28 15.26.26.jpg2015-01-28 15.27.03.jpg2015-01-28 15.27.36.jpg

    Man, that's awesome... love the T-molding... i'm such a noob when it comes to those tools - and surely require a lot of hand-holding on the how-to part or see someone using it... LOL hopeless, i tell yah... hopeless... :P