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Grab your used laptop and convert it into a Mini Arcade Supreme Play Station for your kids or yourself... disassemble the shell, just enough to un-hinge the display from the keyboard/motherboard; measure, cut and mount the display onto an MDF board, measure/cut the side and body panels to your liking and laptop size, drill and wire the joystick and buttons [eBay] onto the control panel, wire the power button to a push-button at the top of the cabinet, flip and mount the motherboard/computer onto the back of the display panel, assemble/fasten the entire cabinet, paint and add a marque graphics panel - download Maximus Arcade frontend software, load your MAME or any other emulators/roms, configure the control buttons/joystick and get PLAYIN' - you'll be the talk of the party before you know it!!!



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    Go check out the different models:

    Much appreciated mi-Amigo!!! :D

    Hey a NX5000 I loved those things. They have a bug where they will not wake from hibernation and toss indications that the LCD is dead.

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    But seriously make sure you have hibernation disabled in your OS of choice. I have used them in projects in the past but my supply finally dried up. Good work on the bartop.

    If yours ever exhibits that behavior this is the documentation I wrote all those years ago.

    thanks for the link/article; will forward it to the buyer if she complains... ;)

    thanks for the warning/heads-up TinkerGNome - i'm running windows xp pro - not sure if the problem will come up soon - anyhow, someone bought this machine for $325 - i'm hoping they won't have the problem you're describing - EEK!