Step 3: Fittings

Picture of Fittings
Next I placed the controllers on the shelf to see if they fit snug and added 'Marquees'.

you can add any graphics you like:
I did a quick search on Google images and found a bunch of retro graphics and enlarged them with 'Paint' so that i could print it out over two sheets of paper. stick them together and glue them onto the wood . then varnish over it to keep it down and prevent it from getting damaged. Alternatively they can be covered with perspex which looks much better.

To fit the screen i removed the base which is normally screwed into the monitor and replaced it with a strong piece of steel about 2mm x 100mm with 2 holes drilled into it and bent into an "L" shape, so one side screws into the monitor-shaft of the base and the other into the wooden frame. If done correctly this can be a very sturdy support.

A nice addition was an LED strip i placed just below the headboard.It was from an old car sound system and it looks great, I stripped the wires and connected it to an old 8V cellphone charger as the power supply since it takes DC. alternatively a switch can be places in between the LED's and the power supply so its not always on.