Step 3: Fittings

Next I placed the controllers on the shelf to see if they fit snug and added 'Marquees'.

you can add any graphics you like:
I did a quick search on Google images and found a bunch of retro graphics and enlarged them with 'Paint' so that i could print it out over two sheets of paper. stick them together and glue them onto the wood . then varnish over it to keep it down and prevent it from getting damaged. Alternatively they can be covered with perspex which looks much better.

To fit the screen i removed the base which is normally screwed into the monitor and replaced it with a strong piece of steel about 2mm x 100mm with 2 holes drilled into it and bent into an "L" shape, so one side screws into the monitor-shaft of the base and the other into the wooden frame. If done correctly this can be a very sturdy support.

A nice addition was an LED strip i placed just below the headboard.It was from an old car sound system and it looks great, I stripped the wires and connected it to an old 8V cellphone charger as the power supply since it takes DC. alternatively a switch can be places in between the LED's and the power supply so its not always on.
sorry for being off subject but...NICE CAR. i just traded my sl55 for a brand new porsche turbo
thanx man,porsche turbo is awesome,i wish u all the best with ur new car!
Hey awsome build man! Would love to make this for the classics I have. If you want a real library of retro games look up Hyperspin, it was made for a set-up like this.
Thanx man! U shud make it, its really not hard. Im busy working on a pinball machine running Visual Pinball on Hyperspin which i saw on another instructable, but to get the software setup is not so easy.I duno y there cant just be a single program to click and play. first thing I need to do though is save up for the two screens :(. let me know if u land up building the arcade, and if u have any questions don't hesitate to ask :)
Awesome, so it runs an XBOX 360 then? Where did you get the awesome retro joysticks?
Yeh! Xbox 360 for better graphics and theres an 'arcade set' game which has Pacman,Tetris...or you can use a PC running Mame with a front end..<br>I first searched online for arcade joysticks and found a lot on ebay, I really wanted an &quot;Xarcade&quot; joystick,would look awesome, but it was too expensive. Landed up going to the local flea market and they had cheap ones there, don't think they legit Microsoft products and thats why they were so cheap:) R250(~$35)

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