I present to you; Arch Angel
a knex Heavy Assault Rifle
this was a project I was talking about with Dr.Richtofen, the original Arch Angel(the first idea) would have been a massive machine gun with a build-in underbarreld Containment Survivalist shorty,
this one does non feature either the Drum mag or the shorty, but its Massive aswell!
this was fun to build and toy around with, this will be my second entry for the knex contest!

Step 1: U.B.G.P

U.B.G.P. stands for UnderBarreled Gaus Pulsar, this is a fake attachment that would be shooting electromagnetic plasma pulses out of.it, it's just for looks tho
I can now see why you thought it was a grenade launcher
just one question... does it shoot?
no it does not<br>I don't make shooting guns as they upset my poor old dog when I hit things like the door, and I think it's a waste of parts, I'd rather have a non functional realistic gun then a fully functional gun that looks like scat
what if you could have a good looking gun that fired rounds that made no noise on contact? :p
<p>would be posible, maybe just put a rubber tip on the ram rod</p>
<p>lol, virtually near to impossible. The only way that the noise can be reduced slightly, is by sticking Sugru to the end of the tip of the ammo (Oodammo, rod...).</p>
no bruh just a shitload of rubberbands on the ram
I've done that once, it takes a lot of rubberbands
w-what?!<br>b-baka onii chan<br>thats no grenade launcher<br>its a sonic plasma launcher thingy
<p>Nice job, well done. Good luck in the contest! :D</p>
thank chu~
excually the stock was slightly modded from red his brother's Gmal
<p>Nice gun!</p>
yis thank u m8
This looks great but the stock seems a bit sloppy. I think you should build smaller guns, they tend to be much cleaner.
don't tell me what to do :/

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