Picture of Archaeology: Refinishing the Trowel
This is a continuation of another Instructable, Archaeology: Repairing and Modifying a Trowel

I started writing this as a second part to the step-by-step above, but it quickly seemed like this was two separate projects. This will guide you through a basic application of Traditional Black Magic Patina as well as staining and sealing the handle. The result gives the tool a sort of antiqued look, by oxidizing and staining the metal as well as giving the wood handle a darker hue. Whether you are digging an archaeological site or doing some weekend garden work, you will be awesome! That being said, this Instructable has very little to do with Archaeology itself, this is purely cosmetic.

As usual, this was all done at TechShop San Jose! The Sandblaster as well as the other facilities make this project much easier to accomplish. However, if you aren't near a location refinishing like this can easily be done at home (it just takes a bit more elbow grease to prepare the metal for the patina).

To use the Sandblaster, a Safety and Basic Use (SBU) course is needed.
Other Tools or Materials Needed:
  • Black Magic Patina
  • Wood Stain of your choice (I used Cabernet and Dark Walnut)
  • High Grit Sand Paper (low number <100)
  • Low Grit Sand Paper (high number >300)
  • Masking Tape
  • Scotch-brite pad (for scraping off too much patina or to clean surface without sandblaster)
  • Sponge or Paper Towel (To apply Stain)
  • Gloves
billbillt3 years ago
Great!..I wrap wooden handles in old bicycle inner tube for protection from being blasted..