Picture of Archery Back Quiver
photo-2013-07-21 3:12 PM.jpg
This is a quiver I made for archery. It is made out of real white rabbit pelts and an arrow tube.
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Step 1: Sew The Pelts

Picture of Sew The Pelts
photo-2013-07-21 3:12 PM.jpg
I sewed the two pelts together around the tube while pulling the pelt tight. I also put a sock at the bottom of the tube to make the arrows quieter.

Step 2: Reinforce

Picture of Reinforce
photo-2013-07-21 3:12 PM.jpg
Pull the tube out, turn the pelts inside out and reinforce all of your stiches.

Step 3: Decorate

Picture of Decorate
I decorated it with a little bracelet I had and an arrowhead I also had.

Step 4: Strap

Sew an old belt or other strap onto it as a strap.

Step 5: Enjoy

Don't forget the favourite and comment with pics of your quivers.
Indestructibility Man (author) 8 months ago
I actually didn't buy the skins for the quiver, I bought them for a different project that didn't end up working so I made this instead
snowrose888 months ago

I like this quiver you've made ^^,

Apparently people think it's better to just toss the rabbit skins away instead of use the whole animal that sound sooo much better *not*

Not following that logic but suuuuure...

If you hunt or breed rabbits for food then it's best to use all the materials. (i wouldn't go and buy skins but I do like to eat rabbits :P

suomy.nona.1410 months ago

how about making paper-mâchéd rabbit-pelts ?

Indestructibility Man (author) 1 year ago
Indestructibility Man (author) 1 year ago
Sure, you could do that, although I think rabbit pelts would look nicer than paper mâché, maybe not post a pic if you do it.
Ravirar1 year ago
Nice idea, but instead of using rabbit pelts, you could make an easier quiver with paper mâché and paint it camo. This saves trouble if you dont know how to sew, and it saves rabbits too! LOL.