Here is an archery quiver that I constructed.  I used cow hide that I picked up cheaply at  a craft market.  The hide is about 3mm thick and I used a section about 600mm x 400mm, not including the straps.  The straps were made from the same hide.  All of the fittings (buckles and rivets) came from a local antique/bric-a-brac store and a local saddlery supply shop.  In total there is about $35 worth of materials here and it took me 4 - 5 hours.  I should note that I am not a leather work expert so if you are then please forgive any mistakes.

There were some limitations to this project such as the fact that I could not machine sew this material and the thought of hand sewing it with thread made me cringe, also I have not skill at leather carving or embossing so it is a bit plain.  Cost was also a limiting factor as the whole point of making this quiver was because I had no desire to pay over $100 for a quiver from an archery supplier.

I researched quivers on the internet, at my local archery club (looking at commercially available quivers - mostly side quivers) and by browsing archery supply stores (which are few and far between).

Step 1: Design

The process was started by doing some concept sketches to get an idea of what the quiver would look like before a pattern could be made.  As you can see from the picture the original idea was to have the quiver and the straps separate but linked by D-links or buckles.  The drawing shows the rough shape and dimensions.  The dimensions were attained by laying 6 arrows on a table and measuring the size that they occupied and adding a bit extra and then rounding that number for simplicity.

the drawing on the right is the layout for a pattern and the center line also represents the line where the leather will be folded so that the two outside edges come together.
if you would like some info on hardening leather i would be willing to share what knowledge i have, i too am a novice leatherworker, but have learnt through trial and error some useful techniques. well done.
Thanks QSDR. I have done some water hardening of leather for arm bracers and guards for archery. It has been reasonably successful, and is quite good for molding leather to suit your body shape.
<p>Thank you for sharing your design. My 8 yr old nephew wants a back quiver so I may use this one. Thanks again.</p>
That's awesome I am picking up supplies today to make it
Thank you, this has been very helpful. I am making a quiver based on this design as a Christmas gift ;)
I like that, its really cool how you made it out of cow hide!
Very creative!
Looks awesome brother!

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