Step 10: Last strap

Next was the underarm strap and this posed two problems.  The first problem was that I wanted to use a smaller buckle to attach this strap to the main strap and the second was how to make the underarm strap attach to the main strap.

Because the straps had already been cut to the same width and attached to the quiver the underarm strap needed to be narrowed.  The center of the strap was marked for the length it needed to be narrow (about 350mm).  Then parallel lines were marked 9mm to each side of the center line (to suit the size of the buckle to be used).  Curves were then drawn in to avoid making square corners (picture 2 this step).  The strap was then cut out with scissors.  The end of the strap was pointed and holes were punched at 10mm intervals to allow the buckle prong to go through.

To enable the underarm strap to be connected to the main strap a sort of mini strap was made and attached to the main strap perpendicular to the main strap.  this little strap was 90mm long before the buckle was attached.  Picture 5 (this step) shows the use of a 12mm carpenters chisel to cut out the hole for the buckle prong.  The mini strap was attached to the underside of the main strap using three rivets.

The location of the mini strap was determined by wearing the quiver with the main strap tightened to a comfortable length and then locating the underarm strap in the most comfortable and effective place on the main strap and then marking the main strap with a soft pencil.