Step 4: Cut out

The picture shows the cut out hide.  I looks a bit like an animal skin.  You can see the symmetry and also the taper from top to bottom.  the bottom of the quiver is also at and angle and this allows the arrows to protrude from the top in a staggered fashion making it easier to reach over your shoulder and grasp an individual arrow.
if you would like some info on hardening leather i would be willing to share what knowledge i have, i too am a novice leatherworker, but have learnt through trial and error some useful techniques. well done.
Thanks QSDR. I have done some water hardening of leather for arm bracers and guards for archery. It has been reasonably successful, and is quite good for molding leather to suit your body shape.
<p>Thank you for sharing your design. My 8 yr old nephew wants a back quiver so I may use this one. Thanks again.</p>
That's awesome I am picking up supplies today to make it
Thank you, this has been very helpful. I am making a quiver based on this design as a Christmas gift ;)
I like that, its really cool how you made it out of cow hide!
Very creative!
Looks awesome brother!

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