In this instructable, I'm going to show you how to make a clock based on an archery face for a friend who likes archery or just to keep for yourself. It reuses a couple of objects from archery (a face and some fletchings). It's very simple, cheap and can be made in about 2 hours!

Step 1: Gather Stuff

Go and get your materials!

You will need:
1 Analogue Movement Clock unit
          You can get lots of fancy clock hands but I went for the simple ones
          about £0.25 - £2 depending on how many you buy

1 Small (28cm) Archery face
          £0 - I had one lying around
          You can find them quite cheaply here

Some arrow fletchings (the feathery bits)
          however many you want for your clock - I used 3
          £0 - I had some broken arrows lying around
          A dozen for about £1 - £2 here - bulk buy discounts again

A thin sheet of wood (about 3mm depending on how much your clock unit can take) on which to base your clock
          £0 - I had some cheap stuff lying around
          Root around in your garage - you'll be sure to find something in there if your garage is anything like ours!

Tools you will need:
   Drill bits
   Miscellaneous scrap wood
   Craft/Stanley Knife
   Glue (PVA or wood)
   Clamps (G shape or springy clips)
   Spanner (for clock mechanism) - get the right size

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