Step 2: The Bow

Picture of The Bow
The Bow is made out of a few parts. It is comprised of the "arms" or "limbs", depending on who you're asking but i will refer to them as the "Bow limbs", the Handle, and the Bow String.

The "Bow Limbs" are traditionally made of wood. This wood could be of almost any type of wood. It could: Pine, White Oak, Red Oak, Yew, Willow, Maple, Teak, etc. it can also be made out of any combination of wood. Other things the limbs can be made of are fiberglass, horn, and in modern times, even different metals.

The Handle of the bow is very simple. Basically it's a small part of the bow that is less flexible, purposefully thicker than the rest of the bow. Finally, the handle is made as a place for an arch, or person who practices archery, to hold onto the bow.

The bow string is one of the most important things in Archery in my OPINION. Yes opinion. The bow string basically lets you transfer the elasticity of the bent limbs to the rear of your arrow to propel the arrow forward. Bow string was traditionally made from sinew, which is dried tendons normally from deer.
Bouyf242 years ago
two things.
one bows, maybe add pictures of more modern bows, and maybe even a comparison of double to single cams and whatnot.
two crossbows, crossbows are not part of archery, and are actually considered firearms in most regions.
other than that, it was very informational. 4 out of 5 stars.