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In this instructable, im gonna be showing you how to make an archery range!

Step 1: Materials

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You need:
Flint and steel
Bedrock (or another type of stone)
Stone walls

Step 2: The Post

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Place the fences on top of each other for the desired height.

Step 3: The Target

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Place the netherack on top of the fences to make the target

Step 4: Flaming Target

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If you would like you target to have fire on it, click on the top of the netherrack with your flint and steel

Step 5: The Fences

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Use the stone fences to make a fence around the target. (Just copy the picture)

Step 6: The Floor

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Use the stone (or any other block) to make the flooring. Add one more different type of block where you want people to stand when shooting

Step 7: Make More!

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Now, just make as many as you want! I made 5 more at different heights

Step 8: Must See!!

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If you use fire, the fire will catch the fences on fire. I suggest using stone fences instead!!!


Veloxx (author)2014-01-23

Minecraft pe doesnt have nether rack fences though

epic monster 321 (author)2014-01-22


epic monster 321 (author)2014-01-22

use nether rack fences

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