An archery tab is worn on three fingers of the string hand while shooting a recurve or longbow.  I had bought the cheapest one I could and found it was too thin--my fingers hurt for two days.  I didn't have any leather at home, so I used a two-layer approach: denim plus webbing, both from our scrap collections.

I've used this quite a number of times.  It's ragged around the edges as can be seen, but shoots fine.  The webbing is from a discarded child seat, I think, and it is very nicely slippery lengthwise but not transversely.  (That might help with release in some way.)

Step 1: Cut Denim

I used scissors to cut a tab shape, copying the inadequate one I had bought, from denim from some old jeans in a scrap drawer.
E-6000, one my favorite adhesives. Does the string slip on the webbing at all?
The string should slip very nicely on the webbing. The webbing is slick when you run your finger over it lengthwise, but is non-slick across. (This no doubt depends on the weave.) <br> <br>I used to use Shoe Goo for such projects, but I had a tube of E-6000 this time. Don't know what exactly the difference is, besides labeling.

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