Picture of Arctic Booties
17 Finished Booties crop.jpg
Water resistant fur lined baby booties made from recycled materials.

Materials used in this project:
Vinyl (From an old inflatable bed)
Fur (From an old fox ruff)
Industrial Strength Thread
Hemp Twine
Brass Grommets

Small and Large Needles
Grommet Tool
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Step 1: Assemble Materials

Picture of Assemble Materials
4 matress material.JPG
2 inverting fur.JPG
3 two pieces of fur.JPG
I went to my local thrift store knowing that I wanted to make some baby booties. On the outset I wasn't sure what materials I would use. However, I wanted to find a pair of materials that fit these one that was durable and waterproof and another that was soft and warm. I chose the inflatable bed because I knew the material would be durable and waterproof. I chose fur because it is soft and warm. Although one may debate the merits of killing animals for their fur, I have no qualms about recycling discarded fur garments.

I cut out the patterned section of the inflatable bed.

The ruff was essentially a lined fur tube. Therefore, I cut off one end and inverted the tube, carefully snipping out the interior stitches as I proceeded. I then removed stitches on the two sides of the tube therefore creating two strips of fur.

Step 2: Make Insoles

Picture of Make Insoles
6 cutting fur.JPG
7 leather stitch.JPG
8 sewn bootie.JPG
I adapted a pattern from a Make magazine article. I made several mock ups out of old paper bags and decided that I would make the sole and tongue out of one piece and the sides of the boot out of another.

Using the very tip of an extremely sharp knife I was able to cut the leather without cutting off the fur.
I used a double needle stitch to attach the two pieces of leather. For this stitch two needles pass either direction through the same holes. An exaggerated demonstration of this action can be seen in the third image.

Additionally, I began the stitching from the center of each piece of fabric to insure proper alignment.
thepelton5 years ago
Neat! You could get the fur from a rabbit skin, or synthetic fur, and for a baby under a year they wouldn't require much material. They could be kept after the child outgrows them to embarras him with when he was a teenager.
canida5 years ago
Those look awesomely warm and fuzzy.