Water resistant fur lined baby booties made from recycled materials.

Materials used in this project:
Vinyl (From an old inflatable bed)
Fur (From an old fox ruff)
Industrial Strength Thread
Hemp Twine
Brass Grommets

Small and Large Needles
Grommet Tool

Step 1: Assemble Materials

I went to my local thrift store knowing that I wanted to make some baby booties. On the outset I wasn't sure what materials I would use. However, I wanted to find a pair of materials that fit these one that was durable and waterproof and another that was soft and warm. I chose the inflatable bed because I knew the material would be durable and waterproof. I chose fur because it is soft and warm. Although one may debate the merits of killing animals for their fur, I have no qualms about recycling discarded fur garments.

I cut out the patterned section of the inflatable bed.

The ruff was essentially a lined fur tube. Therefore, I cut off one end and inverted the tube, carefully snipping out the interior stitches as I proceeded. I then removed stitches on the two sides of the tube therefore creating two strips of fur.
Neat! You could get the fur from a rabbit skin, or synthetic fur, and for a baby under a year they wouldn't require much material. They could be kept after the child outgrows them to embarras him with when he was a teenager.
Those look awesomely warm and fuzzy.

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