Introduction: Arctic Joe (Frozen Coffee)

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This blended coffee drink is a sweet and cold treat perfect for a hot and lazy summer afternoon. This recipe will fill a 12oz cup.

Step 1: A Chilly Wind Blows

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First you need to make coffee ice cubes.
Pour the room temperature leftovers from your morning brew into an ice cube tray and freeze. I like to keep some in a zip-top bag in the freezer for a variety of uses.

These cubes are not only necessary for this blended drink but they are also fantastic for chilled coffee as these cubes don't dilute the coffee flavor. You could probably even make the cubes out of espresso if you want a really strong drink.

Step 2: Assemble

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Place 10-12 coffee cubes into a blender.
Pour in 2/3 cup milk (or combination milk and cool coffee, if you like it stronger)
Add 1 Tbsp chocolate syrup (or more, if you insist)

Step 3: Blend

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Blend until the cubes are broken down.
Pour. Enjoy!


AussieAnglerGal (author)2011-11-26

mmmmmmm (looks at typical instant coffee sitting next to her at desk).......

i adore coffee, and i adore iced coffee

but what if you don't have a blender????

hfuller (author)AussieAnglerGal2012-02-05

I don't know if this would actually work in practice but if you crush the iced coffee cubes in a plastic bag and then mix the wet stuff in a bowl with the crushed ice. That might work if you don't have a blender

AussieAnglerGal (author)hfuller2012-02-06

thanks hfuller

red_johnnny (author)2011-06-28

Good idea with the coffee cubes, gatta try your recipe !

The Scarlet Tomato (author)2011-05-04

Amazing, love it.

robot797 (author)2009-05-27

perfect coffie thank you

daltonjcw (author)robot7972010-01-05

 agree with all of the above, thanks!

xZCodmaNZx (author)2009-07-27

omg this is the best coffie everrrrrrrrrrrrrr 5*

thebeef2 (author)2009-06-29

This instructable is great! I also like the ice cube idea. If you substitute the chocolate syrup for a packet of hot chocolate, you get a more mocha-y blend.

l8nite (author)2009-06-07

I like the ice cube idea, I hadn't thought of that! I started cooling down my coffee when I was riding on the ambulance crew and just got used to not HOT coffee. Ice cubes is a better use for the last of the pot thats thickened and gotten stronger than pouring down the drain. .Thanks... I make a cool drink using vanilla flavored coffee and either vanilla or mint chocolate chip ice cream, I dont usually take milk or creamer in my coffee but in a cool drink its different, I put a couple of big spoonfuls of icecream in a cocktail type container, add the brewed coffee and hit with an emersion (stick) blender, then pour into a tall glass over ice

starshipminivan (author)l8nite2009-06-08

In the summer, I tend to make every liquid I might want in a smoothie or slushie into ice cubes--fruit juice, soy milk, etc. because regular ice dilutes them. I could never get enough coffee flavor in coffee frozen drinks so I figured--coffee cubes! The ice cream sounds yummy. Might be perfect for late summer nights.

21GeeOff21 (author)2009-06-01

i now make this before every one of my early morning baseball games that are set to be on a hot day. thank you

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