Introduction: Arctic Monkeys AM Nail Art

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Nail art in honor of one of my top favorite bands, Arctic Monkeys, inspired by their new AM album. Although this tutorial is a little bit different than what I did for the original nails, it's the same idea and can be applied across the nails to create the same effect!

Step 1: Paint It Black

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Easy enough!

Step 2: AM

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In the center of your nail, use a white Migi Nail Art pen to create the classic "AM" connected together.

Step 3: The Waves

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Create the zig zag lines off of the ends of the AM, making them gradually bigger as you go outwards. Remember, these zigzags shouldn't be too sharp. Try to make the peaks sort of rounded.

Finish off with some topcoat (careful to not smudge the white! White has a tendency to do that!), and rock out to some Arctic Monkeys!


mynameislucy (author)2014-08-09

Love this song

MetalKittenUnicorns (author)2014-08-03

It's cool but maybe use a different band next time

Sure loves me some Arctic Monkeys! Thanks, didn't know they had some new music. Nice work on the nails.

Yes! The new album is awesome! Thank you :)

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