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Introduction: Arcyon Sniper

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hi guys!, i just posted a slide show on this,and i thought i might post it, and i posted it!.


Range: 100-125 feet.

credit goes to:

Zak for the handle

Viccie.b1993 for the idea.

you like??.


Step 1: The Barrel

build it  from the pics and notes.

Step 2: Body

build it from the pics

Step 3: Trigger

build it from teh pics

Step 4: Put It All Together!!

put it together like this
Ok I lost all my pictures.
so this will be hard to build.

Step 5: Your Done!

If you just built this
You getz a cookiez!!
(becuase i lost my pics. so this ible sucks)



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    Sniper rifles are meant to be the ultimate accuracy weapon, and I can't help but wonder how you're going to achieve that without a stock?

    And before Anyone points out how K'nex is inaccurate already, I know, but a stock would help.

    I really like this trigger design as opposed to others like the SR design, it just seems more satisfying to pull.

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    When I built this, I ran out of parts. So I couldn't make a stock.

    really? Jesus? Thats your name?

    A fair reason I suppose.

    "It just seems more satisfying to pull"

    Thats what she said.

    Yes yes, I did notice...

    For clarification, he's saying that the gun is alot harder to aim without supporting it with your shoulder.

    The stock doesn't really do anything, except keep it from waving around as much.

    (I am agreeing with knexguy, this was just incase anybody didn't know the importance of a stock)

    It also helps balance the weapon on the handle, which I suppose 'stops it waving around too much', so you already said that.

    I ran out of pieces
    I was at picture 4 when i ran out

    Thanks. If i was to rate it thats what I would rate it.

    nice gun! 5*