hi guys!, i just posted a slide show on this,and i thought i might post it, and i posted it!.


Range: 100-125 feet.

credit goes to:

Zak for the handle

Viccie.b1993 for the idea.

you like??.


Step 1: The Barrel

build it  from the pics and notes.

Step 2: Body

build it from the pics

Step 3: Trigger

build it from teh pics

Step 4: Put It All Together!!

put it together like this
Ok I lost all my pictures.
so this will be hard to build.

Step 5: Your Done!

If you just built this
You getz a cookiez!!
(becuase i lost my pics. so this ible sucks)
Sniper rifles are meant to be the ultimate accuracy weapon, and I can't help but wonder how you're going to achieve that without a stock?<br /> <br /> And before Anyone points out how K'nex is inaccurate already, I know, but a stock would help.<br /> <br /> I really like this trigger design as opposed to others like the SR design, it just seems more satisfying to pull.
When I built this, I ran out of parts. So I couldn't make a stock.<br />
<p>really? Jesus? Thats your name?</p>
A fair reason I suppose.
&quot;It just seems more satisfying to pull&quot;<br /> <br /> Thats what she said.<br />
Yes yes, I did notice...
For clarification, he's saying that the gun is alot harder to aim without supporting it with your shoulder.<br /> <br /> The stock doesn't really do anything, except keep it from waving around as much.<br /> <br /> (I am agreeing with knexguy, this was just incase anybody didn't know the importance of a stock)
It also helps balance the weapon on the handle, which I suppose 'stops it waving around too much', so you already said that.
DAMMIT <br>I ran out of pieces <br>I was at picture 4 when i ran out
Okay..... 4*
Thanks. If i was to rate it thats what I would rate it.<br />
Your welcome
You post a much!
nice gun! 5*<br />

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