Step 9: The Future of Ard-e: What comes next

Picture of The Future of Ard-e: What comes next
So what should I do now that I have a really cool autonomous robot? Make him even cooler of course. I would absolutely love to have Ard-e controlled by a wii remote. That would be excellent. Its really far beyond my programming skills though. Interfacing him with a cheap cell phone to make him do different things when the phone is called or texted would also be pretty cool. I feel like Ard-e should also have some more manipulators so he can not only sense the world but also interact with it.
I found a crappy old joystick at a junk store that is just begging to be used to control Ard-e. It doesn't seem like it should be that much of a challenge to control him with it so I hope to do that soon.

This is the end of my instructable so the other ideas for making Ard-e cooler have to come from you. Get working and post what you come up with as an instructable!

Hopefully you liked this instructable and will vote for it in the RobotGames Contest. Leave any questions about the building of or attempts i made at programming Ard-e as comments and ill do my best to answer them.