This video demonstrates using an ArduCAM Mini with an ESP8266-12E development board. The ESP8266 web interface allows jpeg files to be captured and stored to the onboard memory. The stored files can be accessed and displayed on a web browser. The interface also allows video streaming!

This little web camera can be used in many ways. A spy camera, time lapse camera, nanny cam, wildlife cam, etc. I'm planning on using as part of my high tech chicken coop security system: another project for another day!

Step 1: What You Need


  • ArduCAM Mini module
  • ESP8266-12E module
  • Jumper wires, male/female


<p>Oops, rtfm...</p><p>Buffer size reduced to 2048 and images are now ok.</p><p>I still have a problem with &quot;Maximum Data Storage Reached&quot; and image files not displaying on the browser.</p>
<p>When I capture an image, the browser immediately reports &quot;Maximum Data Storage Reached&quot; and the picture captured is blocky.</p><p>Flash size is 4M(3M SPIFFS), but 4M(1M SPIFFS) just gives goobledook on the Serial Monitor.</p><p>Any thoughts?</p>
<p>Does it need to be the </p><ul><br><li>ESP8266-12E module or can it be any arduino with IDE now that there is so many?</ul>
<p>I'm amazed that an ESP8266 has enough power to do such a thing!</p>

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