ArduCAM Mini ESP8266 Web Camera





Introduction: ArduCAM Mini ESP8266 Web Camera

This video demonstrates using an ArduCAM Mini with an ESP8266-12E development board. The ESP8266 web interface allows jpeg files to be captured and stored to the onboard memory. The stored files can be accessed and displayed on a web browser. The interface also allows video streaming!

This little web camera can be used in many ways. A spy camera, time lapse camera, nanny cam, wildlife cam, etc. I'm planning on using as part of my high tech chicken coop security system: another project for another day!

Step 1: What You Need


  • ArduCAM Mini module
  • ESP8266-12E module
  • Jumper wires, male/female


Step 2: Source Code

This video illustrates the source code features of the Arduino IDE sketch. I had a hard time finding working source code examples so I decided to write my own. There includes a fix for common ArduCAM issues like dark image captures and blocky chopped distorted images. The application allows video capture and streaming to a web browser. It also allows capture to the onboard ESP8266 memory. These images are listed on the web browser where they can be viewed and downloaded.

If you've never used the Arduino IDE with an ESP8266-12E, you will need to import some libraries. The following video demonstrates how to get your ESP8266-12E connected to the Arduino IDE:

Step 3: Using the ArduCAM Mini Application

While the application is designed to be used as a stand alone web interface it can also be accessed by another web server. The stored images, live captures and streamed video can be accessed in several ways.

First, they can all be accessed directly on a web browser.

To embed in a web page an HTML image tag can be used:

I hope this helps you get started using the ArduCAM Mini with the ESP8266-12E.

Let me know if this helped you!

I'd love to hear how people are using the application.



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First off, I would like to say that I love your review. It is very informative, and has been very helpful.

However, the link for how to access the video stream is broken. How do you see and control a video stream from the arducam? This is for a very large project. I am controlling a robot with an arduino mega256 and I am planning to connect the esp8266 and arducam to it, so the robot has a fpv livestream when it moves. Do you have any tips?


Hello Sir, I've a problem here. my serial monitor says it has detected camera but no webpage is opening at that ip address. i've tried to modify the code but it's still not responding. what problems can happen? please help me.


I have the same Problem, did you solve it ?

Yes solved. I used the example code of arducam websocket library. Then i modified it to generate the page automatically. The streaming is messy but pictures are okay.

can i use ov7670 camera ??

I have a problem to open a webpage (

The serial monitor says webpage is started but it does not open the Webpage with that ip address.

What must I do to solve that problem ?

okay I solved it

Hello! Please inform me that can I use any USB webcam in place of arducam mini camera. If yes, then please let me know How can I use it.

I also have this question. Have you found any information on it yet?

why the result from my camera is bad? hiks