Step 6: Go Grab a Kit!

Go grab a kit at my website, Qtechknow.com, or if I’m lucky with the Kit Contest, Instructables might send you one!!!  There are plenty of other projects to do with the QBar Graph and ArduSensor Pot out there too, if you would like to look at them.  If you have a great project in mind, leave a comment below or post an Instructable and send me a link!
<p>Very cool!</p>
You need to see if you can get your boards out to any distributors. I'm sure there would be demand from other parts of the world, they look good.
I am impressed even more ! Keep developing your gift , so many will benefit along the way . You give me the drive to keep learning , and trying to understand this amazing field called &quot;electronics&quot; . <br> It is humbling , but gratifying to learn from those who are younger . I enjoyed sharing my skills with my dad ( who was a home study tube radio man) as we worked through transistors into intergrated circuits he was open to learning new things . Now , my son and I are working on home automation projects that are arduino based... and he is sharing his knowledge with me . <br> Life is Good! <br> Build_it _Bob
You are amazing !!! Keep it up Q...you are the future of electronics now ! <br> <br>Thanks to your dad too ... I am sue he made learning fun for you ! <br> <br>Much praise and respect .... <br>Build_it_Bob
Thanks for the comment Build_it_Bob! Actually, my dad doesn't do electronics, I teach him what I learn! He helps a lot though on the grammar for my Instructables and the dangerous tools like a dremel.

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Bio: White House Maker Faire // 15 years old // CEO of Qtechknow, maker and electronics enthusiast, I teach Arduino classes, and put making into schools!
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