www.ArduiNIX.com presents: ArduiNIX Nixie driver shield assembly

The ArduiNIX shield is a user programmable platform for driving multiplexed Nixie tube or other high voltage displays**. The ArduiNIX is open source hardware

Welcome to the assembly portion of the site. Here we will take you step by step through the build process of your ArduiNIX kit. First, make sure you have your parts all accounted for!

Included in your driver shield kit should be the following parts. This is the most current, up to date parts list for the ArduiNIX.
  • (1X) ANX_Board 
  • (1X) Damper Diode 1.0 Amp 400 Volt BYT01-400 511-BYT01-400 @ D1
  • (1X) 100uH 1 Amp RFI Suppression Coil 434-11-101M @ L1
  • (1X) 25 Volt 470 uF Capacitor 647-UVZ1E471MPD @ C2
  • (1X) 350 Volt 1 uF Capacitor 647-UVR2V010MED @ C1
  • (1X) 500V 5.6 pF NPO Capacitor 140-500N2-5R6D-RC @ C3
  • (1X) 500V 47pF SL Capacitor 140-500S5-470K-RC @ C4
  • (1X) IRF730 400V 5.5 Amp Single-Gate MOSFET  844-IRF730APBF @ Q10
  • (1X) 1/4" Squ 1K 10% Single Turn Trimmer 858-25PR1KLF @ R19
  • (1X) 6X6 FLAT 4.3mm BTN Tactile Switch 653-B3F-1000 @ S1
  • (1X) General Purp Single NE555N Timer IC 511-NE555N @ IC1
  • (5X) 1/4watt 33Kohms 5% Metal Film Resistors 71-CCF07-J-33K @ R1-R5
  • (4X) 1/4watt 100Kohms 5% Metal Film Resistors 71-CCF07-J-100K @ R6-R9
  • (4X) 1/4W 470K ohm 1% Metal Film Resistors 660-MF1/4DCT52R4703F @ R10-R13
  • (2X) 1/4watt 1Kohms 5% Metal Film Resistors 71-CCF07-J-1K @ R14, R15
  • (1X) 1/4watt 10Kohms 5% Metal Film Resistors 71-CCF07-J-10K @ R16
  • (1X) 1/4watt 220Kohms 5% Metal Film Resistor 71-CCF07-J-220K @ R17
  • (1X) 1/4watt 470ohms 5% Metal Film Resistor 71-CCF07-J-470 @ R18
  • (4X) PNP MPSA92 Small Signal Transistor 512-MPSA92 @ Q6-Q9
  • (5X) NPN MPSA42 Small Signal Transistor 512-MPSA42 @ Q1-Q5
  • (2X) Nixie Driver IC - SN74141 *OR* Equivalent   @ IC2, IC3
  • (1X) 40P .100" Pin Strip Headers 517-6111TG Pinrails

Step 1: Lay Out Your Parts

Lets lay out your parts in an easily accessable and organized manner. We don't supply the solder station, but it would be very handy if you had something similar to assemble your kit with.  My solder station is a large metal plate with a panavise and third hand alligator clip helper bolted to it.  One end of my third hand helper is modded to hold my solder reel.
<p>Ho ho, Russian K155NA1 calls originally К155ИД1, which transliterating as K 155 ID 1 (index decoder). K155xx is a TTL clone of 74xx series.</p>
<p>I am a noob at this but I think big... can this set up be run off batteries or must it be plugged in? I have an idea of this type of display in a back pack setting and wonder if its possible?</p>
<p>Is there an instructable on the assembly of the tube boards?</p>
<p>its really tricky to get the &quot;:&quot; flashing without influence to numbers.<br><br>I've also programmed changeover Fading.<br>Hardware side i also installed 2 Buttons for Clock Set and a Real Time clock.</p>
<p>Awesome job!</p>
<p>Beautiful job creating this instructable! I love the approach, and can use the info on the nixies, too! Thanks for sharing!</p>
Thanks everyone!
Very good photography. Nice and clear close up shots with annotations. <br>Never seen such a good soldering also. <br>What an instructable! <br>congrats.
good work.. <br>can you post the circuit diagram.. ?
Jestin, go to explore the Arduinix website, you'll find schematics and pcb layout
thank you andrea biffi <br>
great pics :-) <br>
very good instructable
beautiful photos (and design)!
Mynde you, moose bites can be nasti!

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