Step 3: Connecting the thumbstick (joystick)

Picture of Connecting the thumbstick (joystick)
The follwing connection will confuse you a little, just follow the picture.
Again using a bread board will make things easier.

1. The thumbstick has one U/R+ and one L/R+ this two connections will provide power to the joystick. Connect them to the Arduino 5V connection.
2.  Also the joystick has two L/R connections and two U/D connections it is important that you connect both of them to the respective arduino pin.
3.  Do the same to both GND connections on the joystick.

Thumbstick                     Arduino

L/R+  ----------------------     5V
U/D+ ----------------------     5V
GND  GND ---------------    GND
U/D U/D ------------------     Analog 4
L/R L/R -------------------    Analog 3

NOTE: Always double check the connections!!!
piddy05049 months ago

Great tutorial,how could i sent joystick data via Bluetooth any help with a basic code example would be very much appreciated.

lunar2112 years ago
thanks a lot Firstly i don't have access to the thumb stick so i built it Secondly the program runs fine at start then it stops completely and serial monitor goes wild!
X-main3 years ago
wow very nice like i will try my self thanks http://buzdesigner.com/index.html