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Introduction: Arduino 4 Leg Robot Control Via Bluetooth

lets make a 4 leg robot with arduino.

Step 1: Parts :-


4x servo motors

2x 9v battering

Arduino uno

Bluetooth module

Some wires


Bluetooth app (you can download from here - Codes and app )

Arduino IDE

Step 2: Making It

  1. attach the servo motors to the plastic plate
  2. Connect all servo motor " - " to the 9v battery1 "-"
  3. Connect all servo motor " + " to the 9v battery "+"
  4. Conect 9v battery1 " - " gnd to arduino gnd " - "
  5. Connect other lines to the arduino pins according to the schematics image
  6. use 9v battery2 to power the arduino board

Step 3: Coding

Upload this Code to arduino..

Before upload the code remove the bluetooth module from arduino.

Step 4: App and Controling Robot

to control the robot you must install this android Bluetooth app

After install it, turn on bluetooth on your mobile and go the app.

Then click nd connect to the bluetooth module.

Now you can control the robot..!!

If you have any problemd please comment below.. thank you.

Step 5:



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    this project is so good... i want code and app for project... but when i have clicked on code and app link... there is a problem.. does not showing any code and app... plz send code to the


    That's a neat bot, I'd love to see a video of it in motion :)

    1 reply

    Thank you friend.. sure i will add..

    Thank you friend.try it.. i can help you to do

    That looks really cool, i'd love to see how it works! Please add a video!

    1 reply

    Thanks friend. I will add