Arduino - 433mhz Wireless Transmitter & Receiver SWITCH Example FS1000A


Introduction: Arduino - 433mhz Wireless Transmitter & Receiver SWITCH Example FS1000A

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Hello world! Today i made a example for the FS1000A 433mhz Wireless Transmitter and receiver set. I am testing these for my website and will set them for sale on the website soon. The example shows you how to turn on a relay, led and buzzer with a button using 433Mhz wireless communication. You could use this example as a panic alarm! You wear the remote on you, hit the button and alarm will go off. Simply add a alarm strobe with sound to the relay for example. Follow the next step for the Schematics, Codes & Parts list.

Step 1: Schematic, Code & Parts List.

Simply wire it up like the schematic shows, I added 9 volt batteries to the Schematic but you don't need them to test.

Parts list:

  • 2x Arduino uno.
  • FS1000A Transmitter & receiver set (add 17cm antennas, i used jumper wires.)
  • Buzzer
  • KY-019 1 channel relay
  • 1 x LED color of your choice.
  • 1 x button Module KY-004
  • Jumper wires set MM/FF/MF
  • (optional) Lamp socket + lamp/Alarm strobe

Good luck!

PS: Check if it legal to operate a 433MHz frequency in your country.

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    7 Discussions

    i tried to replace the pushbutton with a mq6 sensor and it turns out that it always send signal to the receiver even if the sensor is normally open.. why is that?

    hello hello!! .. im kinda confuse because of the video having 2 LED's.. does the other LED is connected in parallel with the buzzer? and the LED on the schematic is the one that turns on together with the lamp?

    Very interesting work.

    I have some 433MHz devices (coco domotic). It would be posible to control them via 433 MHz transmitter and arduino?

    I can't se how pair the devices with the arduino transmitter.


    1 reply

    I think so yes. We could try it out i dont have a coco domotic. But i think my brother has this system which is called "klik aan klik uit" (click on click off) uit in dutch.

    I have a question. I'm build two bedside tables with speakers. I want to be to connect via Bluetooth to one table and send a paired transmission to another table. Would a transmitter like your work with my idea if not could you recommend something. I was hope to be to sell something like this to the public.

    1 reply