Arduino 7-Segment Click Counter





Introduction: Arduino 7-Segment Click Counter

Check out how to make your own 7 segment click counter!!

Step 1: Materials You Will Need:

1x Arduino Board(does not matter which version).

1x BreadBoard.

1x 1 Digit 7 Segment display.

2x Push Buttons.

4x 220 ohm resistors(Will work up to 1K).

16x Male to male jumper wires.

Step 2: Connect the Arduino to the BreadBoard:

Connect as shown in the image above:

Arduino 5V pin to the PLUS of the breadboard.

Arduino GND to the MINUS of the breadboard.

7-Segment pin 8 & 3 to the PLUS of the breadboard through your resistors.

NOTE: if your 7 segment display is a common cathode display, connect pins 8 & 3 of the display to the GND!!

7-Segment pin 1 to Arduino pin 6.

7-Segment pin 2 to Arduino pin 5.

7-Segment pin 4 to Arduino pin 4.

7-Segment pin 5 to Arduino pin 7.

7-Segment pin 6 to Arduino pin 2.

7-Segment pin 7 to Arduino pin 3.

7-Segment pin 9 to Arduino pin 8.

7-Segment pin 10 to Arduino pin 9.

Connecting the buttons:

connect one side of the button to the PLUS of the breadboard;

connect the other side through a resistor to the GND of the breadboard, and to Arduino pin 12.

Do that for the second button and connect it to Arduino pin 13.

Step 3: The Code:

Download the code and insert it to arduino IDE, and have fun!!

Write your comments down bellow!!



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how can i confirm the number to continue the program by add a button???

if (button == high)


if (??????)

With the code provided my display jumps around between 2 numbers. What's wrong? I am using a common cathode display. Also it would be easier if you just used the input pullup command on the buttons

pinMode(button, INPUT_PULLUP);

How can I stop it from looping? Like If i push the buttonUp, it will go from 0-9 only even if i push the buttonUp again, it'll not change anything and still stuck up to 9 only. Same goes for the buttonDown, if I push the buttonDown, it'll go from 9-0 and nothing more. Not repeating the same cycle again. And also, I have this problem when I tried to click a few more times (after it reached the last number for both buttonDown and Up) it should not store the clicks. Example: I pushed the buttonUp and it reached to 9, after trying to click it some few more, lets say 3. If I clicked the buttonDown, it should automatically show the number from 9 to 8 without clicking 3 times before it goes to 8. Do you get what I mean? Im having a hard tme with these codes and I'm still not familiar with them. :( Help guyzzzz

how can i add 2 more digits

I have the codes man. chat me on facebook

Can you sent it to me?

I sent you a private message, check it.

Can you help with it too please

Please send me how to add another 1 digit and how the would be look like many thanks

How the code would be look like when added another 1 digit