Step 3: Modify Airsoft Gun

In order to make the turret move smooth and quickly, we need to make the gun lighter and less bulky.  I started out with the Crossman R-71.  I took off the rails from the side to make it lighter and I cut off the handle to make it mount easier to a piece of VEX metal, by doing so I also removed a lot of weight from the gun.

To control the gun from a microcontroller you have to use a special circuit.  The following diagram lets you turn the gun on and off by using a digital port on any microcontroller.

In order to hook this circuit up  you have to open up the airsoft gun and find the motor that fires the actual bullets.
<p>I should make one in my room, but somehow it hsould now me, this way my brother won't get into my room again!</p>
<p> I will take this to the paintball next time :) Just sit back in the cover and watch them scream!</p>
<p>Great Pal, congratulations for your effort.</p>
<p>Nice idea! When did the idea came up to you?</p>
<p>i like it but why do you have too take off the barrel? </p><p>(great aim!)</p>
<p>next project: face detection :D</p>
<p>can you make me one, i have no clue what these words mean</p>
Where do you explain how to connect the servos??? Also is it necessary to use VEX servos??? Great ible by the way. Thanks
It was beautiful. I hope good luck on the next project
I liked that scene in Aliens where they had the auto turrets killing them off. Also played this lesser know game called Fireteam and u could find auto turrets in there for protection. Looks pretty nice but work places I've worked don't allow weapons even toy ones these days :( Nice accuracy.
could you use a paintball gun for this turret with the same electronics? such as a spider pilot ACS, get back with me on this ASAP PLZ!!!
Mostly yes you will probably need better motors for moving the gun around
Check out this link: https://sites.google.com/site/projectsentrygun/home<br>A lot of cool stuff, helpful to.
I am currently working on a Paintball Sentry as well so I can tell you don't base it off this instructable as this is built for a much lighter weapon to be mounted. Yes the electronics are the same but as for the same turret very unlikely.
Great work! I'll trade you some autonomous code for some joystick code... https://sites.google.com/site/projectsentrygun/<br>
man that amazng work u did i really want to build one i have a question if all i do is use the joy stix will i have to have the pc to power it . what im meaning is if i took it to a air soft game just have the joy stick and mount a laser on on the gun can t run without the pc <br>
That was awesome :D
omg, thank you sooooooooo much for that diagram and showing the actual required components , lol, sometimes saying u need a transistor is not enough, but you have shown which ones, so thanks again
Does it have to be an Arduino Mega or can it be any other Arduino because I kind of have a tight budget.<br><br>-TheWaddleWaaddlle
It can be any Arduino. Changing Arduinos could potentially cause some unforeseen changes though. I chose the Mega just because it has a lot of ports and chances are you won't run out.
Where does the red wire from the Arduino Digital Out Prt go to or is it just not used?<br><br>-ThewaddleWaaddle
It is not used. You can simply cut it off.
wow it's cool project....<br>how about using openCV ?...its can more interesting, i think
Did you modify the VEX radio receiver to become a housing for the BlueSMIRF? How did you attach a duck antenna onto a BlueSMIRF?
Yes, I opened up the VEX radio receiver and took out the electronics. Then I mounted the BlueSmirf in the &quot;hollowed out&quot; radio receiver. I did this just to make it easier to mount the BlueSmirf on any VEX metal. As for the duck antenna, I bought this <a href="http://www.sparkfun.com/products/158">adapter</a> which fits perfectly with this <a href="http://www.sparkfun.com/products/145">duck antenna.</a><br>
Nice!<br><br>Love to see a subsequent ible incorporating autonomous control- robot sentry bot!
Great work!<br> <br> This is the first of the sentry ible's that can actually convince me to build one!<br> <br> Although perhaps it would be more accesible if you could perhaps make a &quot;sentry for dummy's&quot; ible because some of the steps like building the gear frame and the electronics aren't really accesible for an amateur noobie like me...<br> <br> Also a tip, put the video also on the first page ;) with it on the first page you'll avoid show us a video of it comments and it'll generate more attention and traffic :)
Wow really cool! Can't wait to get an Arduino and try this myself!

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