Step 3: Modify Airsoft Gun

Picture of Modify Airsoft Gun
airsoft gun cuts.JPG
In order to make the turret move smooth and quickly, we need to make the gun lighter and less bulky.  I started out with the Crossman R-71.  I took off the rails from the side to make it lighter and I cut off the handle to make it mount easier to a piece of VEX metal, by doing so I also removed a lot of weight from the gun.

To control the gun from a microcontroller you have to use a special circuit.  The following diagram lets you turn the gun on and off by using a digital port on any microcontroller.

In order to hook this circuit up  you have to open up the airsoft gun and find the motor that fires the actual bullets.
bkrause4 years ago
omg, thank you sooooooooo much for that diagram and showing the actual required components , lol, sometimes saying u need a transistor is not enough, but you have shown which ones, so thanks again
Where does the red wire from the Arduino Digital Out Prt go to or is it just not used?

12grahamb (author)  TheWaddleWaaddle4 years ago
It is not used. You can simply cut it off.