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With this project you can control your home lamp with your android smartphone via bluetooth!

This Project include all steps for construction:

Step 1: App Designing With MIT App Inventor 2

Step 2: Box Designing

Step 3: Box 3d Printing

Box Printing with this 3d printer: kementze 3D Printer

Step 4: Electronic Part Arrangement

Arduino mini pro.

Step 5: Electronic Part Arrangement

Power supply DC 5V >400mA

Step 6: Electronic Part Arrangement

    Relay module DC 5V coil, Max load 10A.

    Step 7: Electronic Part Arrangement

      Bluetooth module HC06.

      Step 8: Connection - Schematic

      Step 9: Software

      Arduino Programming CLICK FOR INSTRUCTIONS


      Android Application CLICK TO DOWNLOAD APK FILE

      i made it but relay not working<br>led on relay are working but Appliences not working
      <p>Hi dear, the reasons for issue are multiple.</p><p>First measure if pin on arduino change state when press button via app without relay module connected.</p><p>Then check current of power supply.</p><p>If you have relay connected, measure voltage when press button via app.</p>
      <p>Nicely done!</p>
      <p>Thank you very much!</p>
      <p>Very nicely Done.. am planning to build same thing. just completed my solar instructable <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Arduino-Based-Solar-PV-Energy-Meter-With-Xively-Co/">https://www.instructables.com/id/Arduino-Based-Sola...</a><br>will try this now :)</p>
      <p>Thank you very much, good luck!</p>

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